The Kylie/Dannii Duet is released on the 20th of October-its Dontstopthepops pop news!

Hi all! Hope your well! So busy at the moment with yet another house move. Anyway! Today in the post I got a very cute little something and...the Kylie & Dannii duet will be coming out on the 20th of October.

I am not liking Katy Perry whatsoever. Or Lady GaGa. Lady Gag(a) sounds so samish to me. She needed to involve more producers on her album. Don't get me wrong-I do like it but it didn't press all the buttons that it had the potential to.

Another slight disappointment is the new Girls Aloud song. Its up there in 2008's pop moments but I expect more from Girls Aloud. I think the album, however, will be brilliant. Perhaps the new song will be more of a grower.

Staying positive, is the new track by Erik Hassle (his myspace is here). Yes he's Swedish but his music is brilliant. I highly recommend him. He's entered the Swedish 60 this week. Perhaps we shall see a lot more from him. Who knows. I'm rambling. I do like his track Hurtful.

Turning to sunny Spain, the band Andermay are releasing new music now and some English versions too. The track Uh Oh Oh Oh is a perfect slice of Europop and a great return to form for Andermay. Check out the amazing remixes on their myspace. Every act should have a remix of the "Fallen Angel" kind in their Itunes package.

Okay, dance music tends to be about utopia and euphoria. But the new Axwell & Bob Sinclar track is nothing but uplifting. Loaded with joy, this song, What A Wonderful World, makes me pluck out my Ibiza sunflower t-shirt and book a flight to Goa. Unfortunately video looks like a Hair pastiche crossed with a suncream commercial. But hey, its all about peace. (Look/Listen here).

Its really cool to see Popjustice like the efforts of Master Shortie. DSTP featured the boy in March 2008. If its gonna take off for the bloke - I'll be most happy cos he truly deserves it. I don't usually go for rap and that kinda stuff but his lyrics are brilliant and his melodies are always loaded with pop. I gotta feeling his star is gonna shoot bright. Boy needs to reload Bringin' it Back! Its brilliant.

Another DSTP favourite is hitting the big time. Pandering & the Golddiggers announced today that their supporting Alphabeat for their UK leg of their European tour. I will now go ahead and book my tickets! Yay!

Anastacia just did a really nice interview in The Guardian today (the G2 section). She came across rather genuine. Proper west end girl that she has now become! The album, Heavy Rotation, is aimed towards an American audience. One wonders how this will go down with her very loyal yet European fanbase?

I can't stop listening to the soundtrack to the Kylie X2008 show. Its production, direction and vocals are brilliant. At times, one is left thinking that the tour could merge into a Cd. The quality of the interpretation of certain songs is rather tasty. I did not like Heart Beat Rock before it was performed live. Each song is given a new lease of life. Some needed it, some didn't. Either way the musicians involved can be very proud of themselves. Including Ms.Minogue herself. I love the bit when she declares "shall we take to the opera" and hits that high note at the end of Your Disco Needs You. And absolutely nails it. Amazing!

Went to see Madonna. There has been so much negativity about the London date and while I wont dispute it all here a lot of it is true. Why add to the negativity? Madonna herself was amazing. She is an icon and proved it all on stage that night. I've never seen her live before and I am glad I can say that I have. One note: she should lose the bad attitude. She was dripping in it. It seemed like she wasn't enjoying herself at all. Perhaps she doesn't anymore. Its certainly the impression I got. Come to think of it I can't remember if I saw her smile once...

The Leona new track is good. I like it and damn it! I hope you can forgive me (or mai-hay as she pronounces it!). Yes, it sounds like nearly everything else Akon has produced but its so catchy. So catchy that you can sing the swing-backs from Gwens The Sweet Escape and the two tracks merge into one.

Simon Curtis is hitting the big time! Paul of the MyFizzyPop/Zapping must be proud. Ever since I read about Simon on his two sites I was hooked to the development of this particular popstar. And although its not quite launched, the galaxies are aligned for this boy and its rather exciting to witness....

Armand Deluxe has gone all Britney on his new track Demented (listen here). I seriously want this guy to do more remixing. The boy is criminally ignored! People go and sign him up! Everything on his Myspace player is so good. If I was a popstar I'd defiantely want him to be producing my album. Why? He makes interesting electronic sounds, he likes Eurovision and is great to look at.


Lance said...

Hey I was at that same London date!

It was crap wasn't it? Did you get stuck at the end?

Paul said...

(Did you see me) No no no to your ambivilence of The Promise. Me likey longtime now. Oh well can't win them all. Of course don't forget that McFly are out with the Winner Takes It All this very week!! Hurrah. I am eagerly awaiting Kylie Dannii though! And i echo your Lady Blahblah thoughts. I like the album, but really - that hype for that album>? It's only like Gwen Stefani...

And Simon. YAY!

Robpop said...

I am having so much renaming Lady Gaga (seriously though-its such a pretentious name!-it kinda requires deconstruction).

I know like The Promise. But its not as good as i hoped it would be!

Simon yay! but also we should have some news on Same Difference soon! Swoon!

Armand Deluxe said...

OOOh... another write up on one of my tracks, how fabulous! Thanks!


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Admin said...

hey, its Dan. check us out!!

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