Popnews is all abuzz in Sweden with the story of Robyn's experiences as support act on some of Madge's dates during the recent European leg of her world tour. According to Robyn, she and her people were ordered not to approach Madonna or speak to her. No pictures and no happy families whatsoever. What does Robyn expect? Has she ever been to a Madonna gig? Its in her name! Shes one big bag of attitude. Respect that, expect it or leave the stadium. Madonna didn't smile once during the show I went to. Says it all really. Not one ounce of warmth from her body. What she does on stage is amazing and in a world of its own. She is an icon of her form and vision. Robyn go and support Kylie next time babes. The experience will be far more fun! In fact, forget supporting acts when you can stand on your two feet now. You've well proved yourself. Stop re-re-re-releasing your album and pushing tracks that have been out for ages. Get working on a new Cd already.

Same Difference have not only covered Breaking Free and Kylie's Turn It Into Love on their new Cd but Nothing's Gonna Stop Stop Us Now by Starship. The album is very different to what I was personally expecting them to produce. They've dropped the bubblegum I heard they were originally going for and releasing a more organic pop sound. I was expecting a Lucky Twice album. To be sure, some tracks were recorded in Sweden! With Play Productions! Instead they've gone for a more natural pop sound.

The new Alesha Dixon video looks very good no? She looks "inspired" anyways...

Soraya released her album Sin Miedo in Spain and personally I think it might be a contender for the pop release of the year. It features covers of Monrose gems but also tracks originally by Agnes Carlsson. Putting aside those though, the collection of songs is a fine set of new tracks. Soraya is always up for a laugh. Her first album was okay(ish) and while I love her cover albums, I wouldn't consider them real Soraya cds. Sin Miedo is the first album Soraya has done something that she can be truly proud of-it stands out as a quality pop album. I highly recommend it! She's making herself sound like a better September! Yes! I said it. Shes better than September!

How great does the Beautiful People soundtrack look?! Everyone knows it features that cover with those Minogue sisters but I am also very excited about the brilliant Sam Taylor who, let me say, is one to watch for 2009. He's the one who was singing in the bus scene. His voice sent shivers down my spine. I can't wait to hear more from him. I know Dontstopthepop will, proudly, celebrate his music in the future. Just from that snippet alone, this guy is gonna go places.

Kate Ryan was all over Spanish radio. Which is a rather good thing.

How sweet is Miss Li of Sweden? Cosy, warm and sweet.

Theres a beauty in her honkytonk pop that I've not seen since, well, in ever. Miss Li please come to London! For I will be in the front row! For more please visit her myspace. She is a truly a gem that Bonnier/Amigo (of Sweden) must must must push!

Talking of which...Isabel (of Sweden) is appearing live in the UK. Yes, this 13th! At the Old Blue Last on Great Eastern Street. You can buy tickets here. Let me repeat that again: Isabel performing in London! For Popjustice! With a live band! Woohoo!

The Natalie Bassingthwaighte album is looking like its gonna be a very special event. There are some big big names attached to it and listening to the lead single Alive its the song that Britney should have released. You can hear a snippet of the lead single here.

Talking of pop princesses here is the French Kylies, Lorie with her new single Un Garcon. As you may or may not know the track is about a girl who loves a boy who has fallen in love with another man. The video is rather epic:

Coming interview with another pop writer to the stars!


Mike said...

Best headline ever! But really Robyn got what she deserved. She slagged off Hard Candy but jumped at the chance to tour with Madonna for the free publicity. She needs to stop being a hypocrite and start recording some new songs.

The Same Difference album is complete shit from what I've heard. Their version of Breaking Free is indistinguishable from HSM.

Not loving the Nat "Cunt" Bassingthwaite praise!!!!!!!

Poster Girl said...

Seeing that photo makes me think that Alesha could rock an outfit like this one the one the ever-fierce Nâdiya wore. The video for me ended up seeming off, somehow, despite the money spent on it, but Alesha looks impossibly gorgeous, which is at least something.

They've rocked up the Lorie song, no? Does this mean we're getting more versions that we'll be able to buy?

I am interested to hear all of that Nat song. I'd like to love her solo material, so here's hoping.

Alexander said...

Soraya better than September?! Please, Rob...

Anonymous said...

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