So today commences Swedish Season! Its Dontstopthepops celebration of Swedish music!

As the title suggests, its the return of Dontstopthepops seasonal celebration of one given subject-this time its Sweden's turn. In the past, the pop of Denmark and Australia was celebrated. Which was fun! Girlbands also got their moment to shine in the limelight too. This year its all about music that comes from Sweden. In the following weeks, if all goes according to plan, Dontstopthepop will soar through Svensk music. Whether it be schlager, hip hop or disco acts...DSTP will be exploring new as well as established acts...all ready to be exposed to the world. Sounds frisky! But fun! Interviews will be the core of this voyage into the unknown. So, settle down with your lovely chocolate bar Plopp and play some really loud music! Anything that takes you to Globen or Gamla Stan and hey no need booking flights to Arlanda!

Så kom till saken!


Poster Girl said...

Ahhhh! Bobby, considering the fantastic Swedish acts you've introduced us to in the past, the number of previously unheard of acts you've written about and then everyone else subsequently loved, Sweden's general high quality of music, and DSTP's general amazingness, I just know this special is going to be off-the-charts amazing.

Drunk Country said...

You need to know us.

We are a longtime Swedish music champion, friend of Jennie Abrahamson, Pelle Carlberg, Those Dancing Days + a ton of other bands from that lovely LAND.

We even had a 3hr Swedish special ages ago, what you can listen to here:

& in April we have half a show dedicated to Jennie Abrahamson.

There're also interviews with Swedish bands @ our 2nd website

It's good to know you.


Urbanembassies said...

Why not push for a newcomer within the Swedish popscene...have a look at David Johansson on

Robpop said...

Loads of new acts coming up ;-) Already featured the rather amazing act DYNO!

Anonymous said...

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