La Prohibida-ONE WAY INTERRAIL-AMAAAAAZING (The album is out now!)

Okay, so I was actually writing a big low-down of recent Spanish pop releases. Thought it would be the right thing to do seeing as previous weeks have all been Swedish related. Well, it wasn't just Spanish pop. Just a simple pop round-up with the content consisting of mostly Spanish acts. Then I started to write about the amazing La Prohibida and One Way Interrail but as its glorious beats started to massage themselves into my cortex I thought La Prohibida deserved her own posting.

For ages, I've adored La Prohibida but finally she's releasing mainstream pop that deserves a DSTP posting. One Way Interrail is everything I'm waiting the likes of Ladyhawke, La Roux and Little Boots produce one day. Do you remember when Kylie became a space pursor and flew to the moon in Light Years. This traces similar iconography: Kubrick, Star Trek, Barbarella and so forth. I love it. Indeed her entire album sounds like a tribute to those sci-fi giants. Imagine an album of Kylie's Light Years title track. But sung in Spanish. As such, its absolutely fabulous. La Prohibida for World President! Now! Failing that, she has to come and do some shows in the UK!!! Myspace


Pop Spotlight said...

Hmmm...I like her sound. Very interesting. Thanks for the intro. Looking forward to your Spanish Pop post. Cheers!

Mike said...

I love La Prohibida but isn't this track really old? I hope s/he has new stuff coming out soon.

Robpop said...

Thanks Spotlight!

Hey Mike! Glad you like L.P! Thats really the point of this post! Celebrating the song...that yes, has been out for a few months (it was a Eurovision hopeful...but Soraya got in the way). The album has been released. Just! Which was the point of the post..;-)