I remember hearing Bringing it back last year and thinking "I love this!". Its even got one of those Jellybean-Madge middle 8's and references the Dirty Dancing and Thundercats. Hence I took notice. Master Shortie (aka Theo Kerlin) takes hip hop to another level. Many might lazily compare the boy to Tinchy Stryder or Dizzee Rascal. But thats ridiculous. The album comes dripping with Prince synths, Moroder baselines and even a brand new glorious cover of Prince Charming. The audacity of it. I seriously recommend you check the album out. Everything on the album is irrestibly catchy and shockingly original. Nothing sounds autotuned or processed by those familiar American musical studio magicians. Wonderfully unique and quirky.

Take Bringing It Back for example (see above). Its like Madonna's Borderline, Air's Sexy Boy and then perhaps something from the TLC album that was never was. Its a great missmatch of sounds, genres, beats and threads all brought together in one pop song. All it needs is a touch of opera and it'll be explosive. The song makes me want to move neurotically and robotically, put on my 1980's happy smiley face t-shirt bought at a Kylie concert and watch The Breakfast Club. Love it.


Fredrik said...

Aww, he is so cute. I wanna fuck him. Yeah, I'll download Bringing It Back

Lance said...

He is hilarious.

Is the album released in normal shops?