Hope your well! First of all, how brilliant is the amazing Big Brother remix of Confide In Me? If you haven't heard it spotify it already. Its a excellent reworking of the original single with different vocals and includes segments of Dangerous Game. While on the subject of Kylie how amazing is the cover of Instinct? It looks wonderful. Kylie's probably in the middle of preparing the US tour right now. I was thinking she could do a one-off show in the UK. To round it all off perhaps? Like at the Royal Albert Hall or at the National.

How great is the debut single by Nicole Holness. I heard her first single, Epic, a few weeks ago and I've been meaning to blog about her ever since. She's a bit like Santogold, Robyn, Kylie and LIGHTS. All wrapped into one. Hearing is truly believing! At first it starts off all Lady GaGa-ish and you think "yikes, not another clone" but it transcends such forms of electro and is rather a different layer of pop. Softer, less designed, less rnb and more fragile. I highly recommend it. Myspace.

LIGHTS, a fellow Canadian, is currently in the UK! I'll be meeting her on Tuesday when she takes to the stage in Islington. I can't wait! She's wonderful. Her new single Saviour sounds more European in flavour with its use of vocoder and its absolutely beautiful. Hear/see Saviour here.

Everything about The Sound Of Arrows is amazing. The new single is absolutely stunning. First heard them last year and ever since I've been transfixed to their moves. Into the Clouds screams originality and will endevour to fill you up with warmth. I would love it if they worked with Kylie on her album. They're the toast of Popjustice, Goldust and Myfizzypop. Which is fitting as TSOA are properly jammy!

Moving away from electropop, the lovely Frisky & Mannish are being praised absolutely everywhere at the moment. Whether it be the ultra conservative papers or those liberal lefties, the print media have fallen hard for the duo. Deservedly so! They'll have their very own line of dolls and perfume by the time the year is out. They should be returning to London soon so if your in the capital I highly recommend you book ahead as tickets will sell out fast.

Straight into the realm of burlesque, a group of us headed down to the Leicester Square Theatre to catch Polly Rae who takes part in the revue show The London Folies. Now, it hasn't had the best of reviews but I always leave what I read about a show at the door. It was actually Ok. Not spectacular though. I've seen the previous show Hurly Burly Girls which was a lot better. The tap dancer was probably the weakest part. Only because it dragged on a bit too long. I would have loved to see more of Polly Rae who is definitely someone to watch out for.

X Factor is back! And wait, NO SOB STORIES! I bet they're keeping those for later episodes or ITV has burnt that bridge and fears the tide is truly out to rebuild those particular foundations. As Paul points out 9.9 million people watched which is a 6th of the country! Dannii truly looks stunning. I find myself making myself a whole lot of tea when the other judges speak.

PoptrashAddicts has revealed its weekly Pop Panel! Thankfully the right songs ended up where they should have (the aforementioned Nicole grabbing 3rd place). At the top is the glorious Australian act Bag Raiders & score the highest points in Pop Panels rich history. Shooting Star might have the nerve to be this years With Every Heartbeat.

The snippets from the new No Angel album is currently on Amazon.De. I think they've finally excelled themselves and created truly an international album. Each song sounds absolutely stellar. The album title alone special respect. All strength to No Angels in this wonderful chapter of their career.


Next up: Interviews/Bananarama


Mike said...

I'm obsessed with Nicole too. "Epic" is so delicate and pretty.

And Bag Raiders! Seriously, what a song and video! I think Cut Copy and Empire Of The Sun have some stiff competition on their hands in the Aussie electropop stakes.


D'luv said...

That Bag Raiders track is superb and deservedly won the Pop Panel this week!

Paul said...

great post. Can't wait for the bananarama album, and of course you have totally turned me onto frisky and manny or whatever they are called :P Brillo post!

Aaron said...

Hehe - Brilliant post!

Kylie looks fantastic, and it's getting close to new single time...At least I hope so!

Lights is great, and I can't wait to hear the No Angels album.

I heard the start of the Bag Raiders song, and loved it, then the electro-y bit came in and I kinda went off it...