PLAY IT LOUD! New Pop from Europe

I've just got back from Madrid (Loves it!) and naturally my posts on Dontstopthepop have dipped! Sorry! So, here is a bumper edition. Like Paloma? You'll like Caro Emerald. Like Lady GaGa? You'll like Mohamed! Like crazy disco pop? Just play Sweden's Nanne. There is hopefully something here for everyone.

First off is the glorious new video for the Agnes video I Need You Now. Probably the best pop video set in a desert since those Spice Girls demanded that someone say they'd be there, the new Agnes video see's Agnes in a glorious space car thingy and a brilliant gold chiffon dress. Pop factor to the max! Oh and those horses help!

Staying in Sweden is the brilliant Paul Rein track with Nanne (previously featured on DSTP a few weeks back). Now, she's gone and issued its promotional video and its crazy. Nanne, never ever stop what you're doing. Yes you are demented but its why we love you. Watch all of it below!

A lot is being made of X Factor in the UK. This is understandable. The ratings it recieves its huge. For me its all about Dannii's girls. The others seem unable to sing or convey anything when they sing the lyrics of the songs. Its so automatic. All on cruise control. Take Danyl for exmaple. He's been selected as the favourite but tonight he was very nearly out of the competition despite being one of the best singers in the show. People say he's not connecting with audiences. I agree-to an extent. I think its more that he just has absolutely no tenderness to his performances. Its all about singing with feeling. Finding you're story in the music.

In Denmark, X Factor has given us Martin & now the sweet and poptastic Mohamed. Mohamed Ali has just released his album and its utterly amazing. Please please check it out. If you like Keisha, Simon Curtis and Lolene you'll love the album (Keep It Simple). There is this one track on the album called Satellite which has me going crazy whenever my little ipod jumps to it. Seeing as the boy came third it just goes to show you don't have to be the winner to have the best endproduct. Personally, I think Mohamed just gave the world the best debut album by an X Factor artist. Internationally. Yes, I am including the mighty Leona Lewis in my audacious claim. Mohamed's album is the kind of album you'd expect a popstar to release once he's been in the industry for five years.It is seriously good stuff....

Turning to The Netherlands, I want to spend some love on Caro Emerald. She goes back to the 1950's without ever sounding dated. The girl is incredibly classy. For sure, her voice isn't the strongest but its clean cut and the music is pure silk. Its drenched in a swingtime beat that would please any Michael Buble lovers. What's more it has a subtle contemporary texture to the her modus. The album features an irresistible mix of 40’s-50’s inspired ballroom jazz, cinematic tangoes, groovin’ jazz tracks and infectious mambo’s, combined with smoking hiphop beats, catchy songs and inventive production. Absolutely love it.

I do have a soft spot for pop boys & with Simon Curtis taking off (see here) & Jonas putting the finishing touches to his album I got wondering what the hell happened to Sam Taylor? Its gone quiet! Well I happened to watch Euronews in the airport and occasionally they run features on new artists! Yes, in-between their very noble news reports on European environmental public policy & the Slovenian local democratic process Euronews goes all popdust. And thank god it does! This time it was the turn of Justin Nozuka. He comes from Toronto but his heritage is
half Japanese, half American and was born in New York. The mighty BBC gave his album four stars which is understandable as the heady concoction of acoustic folk, skillfully crafted pop melodies and sensitive soul create a beautiful slice of contemporary music that you usually don't hear from a male artist. Amazing.


billcs said...

North America has had Justin for the last 2 years and After Tonight was my #3 song of 2008. Glad to see you giving it some love :)

Paul said...

I'll have to track down the Mohamed album -i'm all excited about it now :)

Adem With An E said...

A friend of mine posted that new Nanne clip on my Facebook last week; LOVE. IT. She is great, I still listen to Hall Om Mig like it's my new favourite song quite often.