Its R-Beeeee-Double-U!!!!!!! They first appeared on this blog in 2007! (2 years ago!!!!) Now they are finally hear ready to take advantage of the gap left by Sugababes IV and fitting into the spaces that were once jam packed with Girls Aloud trinkets. The new material consist of little electro neon gems & blippy anthems arn't red hot but instead provide the intensity of heat only proffered through blue flames. In other words, incredibly good. Hence the distinct colour change in their styling. They've gone for a cool, smooth yet irrestible azul shine backed up by sleek saffrons and glorious lace tops that puts them miles apart from the many Lady GaGa-esque girlgroups running around at the moment. Not to mention the multitude of girlbands who seem to think style is guaranteed by spending four hours in American Apparel and Top Shop. For sure, they might look good but unique? I think not. No one can ever excuse RBW of looking (and sounding unoriginal).

They boarded the ship of difference years ago which could explain the difficulty in radio interest. Sometimes pop acts can be so beyond the pale it takes ages for the mainstream to fall in line. Both Scissor Sisters & Lady GaGa took ages to get signed. Katy Perry released 2 other albums before she managed to secure the right look and sound. Not to mention the shelved Leona Lewis album. The thing is: the stars are now alligned for RBW. It not only seems right, but it looks and sounds right too. Welcome back RBW! Official myspace: RBW


Paul said...

bout damned time :)

Robi_Ess said...

These girls are AMAZIN! Their version of "Enjoy The Silence" is a MUST LISTEN!!!