Matt Dusk

Wowzas! Matt Dusk hails from Canada & by no means is he new to the scene. His first proper album came out 2004, followed shortly by the wonderful Back In Town and this year's Good News Cd. Where to place him musically? Its the fact that his album was released in Europe & there could be a chance Good News will likely get a UK release soon makes him worthy of inclusion. A mixture of Jamie Callum and fellow Canadian Michael Buble but whereas Michael has a tendency to occasionally sound somewhat like the master himself Frank, Matt explores that that classic Ratpack/Jazz Crooner while simultanously strives to remain upbeat & contemporary. Michael Buble might be the one that has gone deservedly global its worth checking out Matt. And yes, I used the word wowzas. Because the boy deserves it. Matt Dusk

Mary Ndiaye

Completely and utterly miles apart soundwise is the stunning Mary Ndiaye from Sweden. Mary is very special. And rather unique too. She is very much like poppier version of Robyn with a bit of Gwen thrown in for good measure. The songs on her mypace are absolutely brilliant. Its like she has seen what Kesha has achieved with Tik Tok and utterly improved on her formula. The songs are vastly suporior than anything the rather overhyped Lolene album. Very promising indeed. I've been playing Byema for about 16 months now. Its scorched quite an imprint on my ipod playlist so its time I posted something about this rather fabulous singer. She certainly knows how to write a party anthem....Oh and her version of Pretty Woman is something else. Mary Ndiaye


Heidrun is absolutely amazing. She provides lush sharp electro beats that should please anyone who loved Kylie's more synth turns on X, anything by Goldfrapp and the Finnish pop princess Ninja. You actually might have heard of a Heidrun record before without knowing it. She was on the big Cicada record released earlier this year which I loved. She's sadly put her solo stuff aside for the Cicada project was given greater importance but I think she's certainly one to watch out come 2010. Heidrun


This is slightly cheating. Freja has appeared on Dontstopthepop before but she's just posted new music on her myspace and signed a new deal with TEN Music in the Konungariket Sverige As such, its my duty to feature her here. Her music is ridiculously addictive. The lyrics are wonderful too. She's giving those Le Kid a run for their money in being the most poptastic act to come out of Sweden in 2010, Freja offers a slice of pop is simply stratospheric. Its this kind of pop that cancels out the likes of Lady GaGa. I want the album now. Freja give me what I want. You are on a very special plane of glorious wonderfulness. Freja

Adam Tyler

Now this is very fresh. Very early days yet but its promising. Boys in pop have a tricky time these days. Going by Adams myspace he has managed to avoid mistakes made by other young pop sailors who've tripped over and vanished without a trace. By including a ballad in amongst the wonderful remixes he's proven he's more than just another electronic disco dustbunny. Its the song The Last Time We Say Goodbye that clearly stands out. For sure, Friction is fun but its the rather unusual electro ballad with its sharp yet sinister violins reveals Adam refusing to produce pop fluff that will sound out of fashion by early 2010. Very good. Adam Tyler

Robin McKelle

Dontstopthepop finishes this little round-up with something softer in the form of Robin. There's a touch of Julie London about her. If you liked the last Barbra Streisand album you might like Robin McKelle. Its simply effortless without ever evolving into boorish elevator muzak. There's a real soul to her sensibilities. You could describe her as the female Michael Buble. For sure, its early days for Robin so she's playing it safe. But give it time and she'll start truly testing what she's got. So keep a good eye on her. Robin McKelle

  1. Take Me Home (Mary Ndiaye)
  2. Love Attack (Matt Dusk)
  3. The Last Time We Say Goodbye (Adam Tyler)
  4. Back In Town (Matt Dusk)
  5. Erasing You (Heidrun)
  6. Hell To The No (Freja)
  7. Byema (Mary Ndiaye)
  8. Abracadabra (Robin McKelle)
  9. All Them Boys (Freja)
  10. Good News (Matt Dusk)


Mike said...

Fabulous selection as usual, sweetheart X

Luke said...

All the Adam Tyler song sounds like a Luigi Masi rejects.