I go away for a few days to Germany and one of Sweden's biggest girlbands Play are back! Only this time they've gone and taken a page out of the Sugababes rulebook by reforming with a some original members missing in action and a brand new member in the form of Sanne Karlsson. This brings the tally of members of Play to six (Anais, Anna, Rosie, Sanne, Janet, Faye). The thing is with Play is that they never really achieved huge success over here in the UK but secured a rather cult following amongst pop lovers when the US-based act released music provisionally released by British pop acts here in the UK stateside thus essentially blocking the English popstars from releasing their original songs in key territories.

Play, in the US, were as the name of the band suggests fun and innocent. Often sanitized, Play provided a slice of pop that was in many ways was trying its best to remain pure in a world of where popstars strutted around in chaps and snakes. And it worked. The band have a massive following and given the success of things like High School Musical, the Jonas Brothers and Glee its not hard to understand why. Essentially, Play set the ball in motion for all these things to happen. It seems logical then that Play should return.

But should they? And how should they? Such questions arn't for me to ask really. But they've got a new member in the form of Sanne Karlsson who is actually featured on this site previously. She's a part of GhostVsSanne collective (see them above perform the wonderful Nobody's Perfect) who have their album Hold This Girl on Amazon already. This will give the "reunion" of (re)Play that all important feeling of newness and maturity. Sanne doesn't actually have a pop voice. She is more soulful and will provide the edge that this new Play require. Indeed, without the presence of Sanne the group would faulter. The notable lack of Rosie (who was also incidentally interviewed on DSTP this year) raises an eyebrow or two but its 2 original members+Sanne.

Also involved is the maestro Andreas Carlsson. Yes. Andreas. Carlsson!!! Which means the impending album will be incredibly interesting and all will be documented as part of the Made In Sweden TV show that starts mid-Jan. I think the fact that Andreas and Sanne are involved will take this project from a mere reunion extravaganza to a perky poptastic dance-cool display of exuberance. So it'll be a rather busy 2010 for Sanne! Working on the glorious GhostvsSanne project and the re-ordered Play! Excited! O yes! Bring it on.

So lets raise a glass to the girls of Play! Janet has joined Marie Serneholt for a reworked Swedish version of Grease (see above). Anais is busy in the US working in the American film industy. Rosie is putting the finishing touches to her album (her myspace) & the remaining two have joined forces with Sanne to form a new Play and their reunion will be documented as part of the Made in Sweden T.V reality show which will start broadcasting next year.


Fredrik said...

Aw, Play were weird. They had no real quality to them but somehow were big in the US. I can't really remember them ever being a success here in Sweden. I think Sanne will bring the emotion they need but my mum always says "den som är allestädes är ingenstädes." She can't really play, ahem, around with something like Play AND GhostVsSanne at the same time. It doesn't make any sense.

Whats happening with Rosie's album btw?

Lance said...

Happy christmas DSTP! Hope you have a good one bobsy!


Play Are Back!

Play were never all that great were they? They essentially stole hits and their covers were boring interpretations of the originals. I suppose it was never the girls fault-they were just mere teenagers at the time.

They were never meant to have any soul or major input. Just pop puppets. Yawn. The complete antithesis of better girlbands like Spice Girls and All Saints. With the inclusion of the mighty Andreas C I think this reunion will prove to be more interesting than Play could ever be.

James said...

Gosh! They're back!!!!! I much loved Us Against the World.

FairyTaleBoy said...

I loved this band!

Their debut album , while only decent pop, managed to go Gold in America!!!!!!! (Loved Us Against the World, To Live And To Die For, Remember to Forget and the pop-track that was whore'd around to every girl band imaginable Cinderella (Cheetah Girls, i5, etc.). There's probably more out there but nothing quite matches the glory of the original.

Their sophomore album, Replay, was dreamy! It featured 'I Must Not Chase The Boys' (which has been covered a few times) and '11 Out of 10' which was later destroyed by No Angels.

So for those who think they covered tons of acts, they too were covered. So it equals out.

As for the reunion? This isn't a reunion. Its a new band.
This is good a thing.
Anything that has Faye and Andreas together is brilliant. Shame its for a TV series though. Does every pop act need to launch itself with an additional TV show next to it these days?

Fredrik said...

Fairytaleboy: Ah I completely forgot they were covered too. But whenever that happened the cover exposed just how boring their vocals were (take I5's amazing cover of Cinderella for example!). Sorry but i think Play were awful. If Andreas has his clever hat on he'll totally give the girls a make-over and break away from their terrible back cataloge.

By the way, nearly every pop act in Sweden now needs a TV show to launch themselves sadly. Its either Idol, MadeInSweden or MF. Its a really sad state of affairs in Sweden. We're a victim of our own creation. A lot of people say Idol and MF allow new talent to come through but that never happens. Its just jobs for boys. The Swedish the music industry never takes risks and this reunion is proof of that. Good Swedish musicians have to go abroad to get noticed. An act like Robyn would never make it now. She'd have to go to the UK or US before Swedish radio picked her up.

Ray said...
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Ray said...

and merry christmas

Anonymous said...

The comments I'm reading here make is sound like you've never heard Faye Hamlin sing. Once you do, you'll know why people are excited about this new group/reunion in the U.S. and it isn't because of Sanne, though it appears she does have talent and will be a good addition.

Anonymous said...

I think you meant to say Anna is working in the US, not Anais

Ray said...


Why the negativity Fredyboy/Lance? Play were amazing back then! Yup, they pop puppets but they were so much fun. Leave seriousness at the door. We can't be listening to the Smiths all the time. Play were never ever gonna revolutionise the world and you whores should remember that.

:-) I for one can't wait to hear happens with this reunion. Its one of the more interesting comebacks we've had in recent years. The inclusion of Sanne makes me wonder what the Spice Girls reunion woulda been like if Geri wasn't willing to come forward & Shaznay stepped into her shoes instead!

D'luv said...

Happy New Year, Rob!

Alexander Johansson said...

"Anais is busy in the US working in the American film industy."

Anais is in the group now, Bobby. :)

Paul said...

I quite liked Play back in the day. I Must Not Chase The Boys was epic and immense as was their version of Hard Knock Life! Oh and anyone who does a disco-y cover of As Long As There's Christmas from Beauty and The Beast: An Enchanted christmas is ok by me. I await to see what they come up with!

Anonymous said...

everyone whos saying play wasnt that good are just haters gosh and faye can really sing she has a great voice im glad that their coming back even though its not the original form i still look forwared to hearing them and hope they have good success