Jasmine Kara...A wave in the Making..???

Whats happening? This girl hasn't popped up anywhere. Just yet. But I think she hints at whats about to explode in the next 2 years. Just as Robyn and Lady Gaga caused a major fleet of fellow fleets of electro synth divas a few years ago, I've got a feeling that Lady GaGa sound might be coming to an end (not that shes all finished-hear me out). As in, her amazing and well-deserved success at the Brits might symbolize the chapter closing on this sort of pop. Now all we'll see is an endless list of clones flopping (er, proof in case is of course the new Cascada track). Its always been this way. There will always be Lady Gaga. She is no passing fad herself. But, the record buying public, as I've observed, just wont be prepared to take on those other acts who are jumping on the bandwagon. Before I go onto Jasmine, I think it was actually Kylie Minogue who started this all. In the great genealogy of things. You can trace this resurgence of synth to the title track Light Years. From there to her album Fever and from that Holly Valance State Of Mind, Goldfrapp, Rachel Stevens, Madonna's Confessions, Robyn, La Roux, Little Boots, Kesha and now Lady Gaga. These girls will always be able to do what they do and with great success. But my advice would be: if you're a new singer don't immediately spend all your money on 20 demo tracks that have that synth sound stamped all over it. Maybe just the one is quite fine.

Of course these girls didnt invent the "synthsound" but it was Kylie's work in 1997 (namely Love Takes Over Me) with Steve Anderson and her later work under Parlophone label that students of pop genealogies can argubly trace the current state of pop. With her eleventh album coming out this summer I think it will be Kylie's album that will have the final word on the genre. As, essentially, she is responsible for it. I am not saying electro is dead. Quite the contrary. Just that another sound is emerging.

So what does this have to do with Jasmine Kara? Well she could signify a new pop sound that I've noticed emerging. It is quite distinct from those aforementioned singers and their glorious Moroder-esque pop anthems. Jasmine sounds very pop but her big voice and enlarged wall of sound returns to the power anthems of Julie Driscoll, Aretha Franklin, Barry White and Dusty Springfield. Jasmine Kara juices out chunky juicy pop melodies for what its worth and subsequently raises the roof. There is no attempt to be cool. Its just about jamming and producing a gloriously addictive poptastic pop song. You might hear elements of Christina Aguilera in there. She's playing with the likes of Etta James. And thats a dangerous game indeed. But she pulls it off. Myspace

Jasmine is not the only new singer bringing out this new kind of sound in Europe (Jasmine is Swedish). Which leads me to think that yes: a new genre is on its way. Jasmine Kara is part of that wave. Over in the Netherlands, Caro Emerald has set the charts alight and her album has been optioned for US release. You might have heard of her if you read the wonderful website MyFizzyPop. I've had the album on hotspin for two weeks now and couldnt agree more with Pauls great assessment that " it sizzles with rhythm and a charmingly delivered vocal performance". These girls, Kara and Caro, are stepping back in time and rubbing it down with a 2010 lubricant.

Then there's Lisa Greene. Lisa brings it back to the voice. Nothing nothing more. Dream In Blue is 1 of the best things I've heard in Myspace all year. It cuts through all the mania of the day and soothes the soul. Lisa knows how to write a melody. She's produced hits for Tom Jones, Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, Girls Aloud, Rachel Stevens, Emma Bunton, Ryandan and Holly Valance. However its actually on her myspace player that you hear the absolutely stunning majesty of Lisa Greene. Myspace

In the UK there is Elouise who is just about to release her "Stardust EP". She expores the dark and often tragic side to the diva. Dramatic torch songs and epic tracks that expound & convey a narrative of the spotlight, its confluent tears, tantrums and broken hearts...are all her critical themes on the album (out later this year). Her major inspirations are Shirley Bassey and Judy Garland. Her songs about the story and her voice embodies it. Myspace


Larry Flick said...

Can't wait to sink my teeth into Stardust!

I'm intrigued by Jasmine Kara. I need to do some exploring!

Paul said...

I think your thoughts are absolutely right on the electro G'Gah genre. Already Just Dance sounds dated to my ears. I'm loving Caro, but like Larry need to do some exploring on Jasmine :)

SO ready for Stardust :P

Robpop said...

Jasmine Kara takes it back old school style. Something that could be happening 2011/2012.

Love Caro. The album is proper fabtastic.

Yeah. I think Electro WILL continue but perhaps it will be new boy acts that will have their chance at pie now. I think the flops of frankmusic and Eric Hassle have got record companies reeling but they adapt like the borg and learn from their mistakes. And I know of one boy...who will take the industry to pieces.....