DSTP INTERVIEWS NICLAS KINGS: Talks about the Nervo girls, Kylie & Daniela

Niclas Kings is a critical guy in my record collection. He's behind some of my all time favourite pop hits of recent years. Thing is, he's just starting. That's the scary thing. He's just teamed up with those amazing Nervo girls from Australia on a number of projects one of which has soared to the top of the world Club charts. He's also just set up his label and is launching a little pop princess of his own in the form of the very poptastic Daniela. We also discussed the comments made by a fellow Swedish producer interviewed on this blog a few days ago. Is the Swedish music Industry really what has been said it is? Niclas gave DSTP illustrated its perhaps about perspectives...

First of all, I gotta say…congratulations on achieving a Club World top ten chart hit with Nervo for “This Kind Of Love”. Its gonna be huge!

Thanks! It feels absolutely great, we worked hard me and the Nervo girls and finally it has paid of big time.

What was it like working with Nervo?

They're great. Very humble but still crazy, energetic and they really know what they want. We worked for many days in Sweden, it was very intense but fun at the same time. They are extremly talented.

How did the collaboration come about?

Well, I've known them for a long time, around 7 years I think. We just established contact again and I sent a track, they loved it, and the rest is history!

Okay…You work a lot within the “Swedish Music Industry”. What do you make of the comments by a insider veteran that the Swedish Music Industry is corrupt/has issues?

I wouldnt say its "corrupt" but I do agree on some points. It's very controlled by labels, radio etc. But on the other hand its the same scenario in for ex UK where Radio 1 has alot of power. So I wouldnt call this a Swedish phenomenon.

So, would you agree with any of his comments?

Some, yes. On some points he feels a bit bitter.

Like, would you say there is too much reliance on shows like Idol and Melodifestivalen?

Well, Schlager in Sweden is huge, I'm not much for Idol. There's a winner, he or she release an album then they dissappear rather quickly. Its never long term. Agnes is the exception really.

Have you ever submitted tracks for Melodifestivalen?

Yes I have. I've produced 1 entry. And I contributed with beats on Sarek's entry actually. Long time ago though.

You’ve worked with the majors and the minor record companies in Sweden. Would you say its in a healthy state?

They work as they always have done, especially the majors. I think Itunes boosted everything up saleswise, so I would say Swedish music biz is in an ok state. We still sell albums. Single market is dead though.

You worked at the famous Cosmos Records Studios. What was that like?

Its a fantastic environment to work in. I loved that place when I worked there for 7 years. But then I needed to move on, I love working with myself and having my own studio setup.

Your setting your own label…hows that been so far?

Its been interesting and comes with alot of hard work. I like handling stuff myself so its been a healthy experience so far. I've got big plans for the label. Just right now I write and produce alot of acts around the world. I have a couple of interesting releases coming up soon though.

Talking of which Daniela is your newest pop project! I’ve heard tracks from her album and some of the impending very amazing demos. What would you like do with Daniela?

Let me tell you we have some amazing songs done for Daniela and we're currently in final negotiations with a big label for her on a worldwide basis, so I see this project self-running in a year or so. She will have big hits and alot of success. If you work hard for something, eventually it will pay off. And in her case it already has, but its only the beginning.

How would do you wanna differentiate Daniela from pop princesses Velvet & September.

She has a unique pop-voice and her own sound. She doesnt sound anyhing like Velvet or September. Im not saying Velvet or September aren't unique but they are different from Daniela.

I must confess I have a little bit of bias when it comes to Daniela. She’s half-Italian! Like Me! Will you bring in some of that Italian sound into her album. Maybe a tribute track to the genre that is Italo-disco?

Hehe, well! We have some secrets in storage for 2010. One song of hers actually is very much Italo-disco, but in a new way.

With Chain Reaction receiving rave reviews whats next for you and Daniela?

Well, she has alot of upcoming gigs. First of the Radio 107,5 boat in April, after that Riga a couple of days then Magaluf / Spain and in September Barcelona / Spain. So she will do gigs and I will continue producing and writing big songs for her and with her.

With Nervo, you were earlier working on the Kylie album. How was that experience? What can you say about it?

Well, I didn't actually work with Kylie. But I submitted a few songs that the A&R guy really liked.

& what did they sound like?

Anthemic, epic, uber turbo power pop!!

Of those Kylie tracks what was your favourite?

I just recently sent a song to them....Gotta be that one. Its very Kylie.

Oh So Exciting! We're talking about "Is it Love" right?

Its fuckin' amazing.

OH MY GOD IT IS!!! (DSTP DANCES LIKE A LIKE A LUNATIC) Ahem. Now, your very famous for cutting your teeth with europop princess Kate Ryan. Whats it like working with her?

She is nice working with. Down to earth and knows what she wants. I won't be doing any more Kate Ryan though. I've done her biggest hit up to date that is enough for me. I'm satisfied with Ella Elle L'a being the last big hit I did for Kate Ryan.

How was all that Eurovision experience…many felt Kate Ryan was robbed!

Yeah, she should've definitly reached the finals. I'm happy Je t'adore became a big hit anyway. It reached #1 in Belgium and stayed there for 7 weeks, a record in Belgium. It also charted in other countries.

With “Je T’adore”, you wrote that with Lisa Greene. She’s a bit of a DSTP legend. Love.her.work! What was that like?

She is very talented. It was a long time we worked though. But she had great ideas and actually she came up with the title "Je t'adore". We also wrote "Who do you love" with her for Kate Ryan's album.

Which pop writer do you look-up to?

Max Martin, Cathy Dennis (for the lyrics)

Lastly…whats the one recent song to come out of Sweden that you made you go “fuck me, I wish I’d done that!”

None actually...I dont look too much at Sweden when it comes to listening to new music etc. Though "With Every Heartbeat" is definitely a song I would like to have written. Thats one of the best songs over the last decade to have come out of Sweden, with no doubt.


Mike said...

Another great interview, sweetheart. I found this very insightful and interesting. And I love those Nervo girls!

Alexander said...

Nooooooooo! He's not working with Kate anymore?! How dare he!!

Greg said...

"Have you ever submitted tracks for Melodifestivalen?"

"Yes I have. I've produced 1 entry."

Which one is that?