It only just hit me that I've not actually reviewed the Elouise EP myself. Crazy! Its been reviewed by the legendary Popjustice (yay!) and played on American Radio by the legendary Radio DJ Larry Flick (yay!). So much has happened that I forgot to look at the EP myself. I initially thought this might not be good idea seeing as I'm actually involved in the Elouise project. Yes, I must declare an interest here..and a consequent massive partiality. Still, I thought to myself whether I'd be connected to the project or not I'd still fucking love it and ultimately feature Elouise on DSTP. Why? Because it contains all the kind of particles that make my pop universe sparkle especially when I drift into music dreamland. So here is my review of the new songstress from Manchester...Elouise & the Stardust EP....

First off all, the Stardust EP is produced by Steven Anderson. He, along with Dave Seaman, wrote classics like Confide In Me and Such A Good Feelin'. He's also Kylie's musical director. Since 1997, he's responsible for the music you hear on Kylie's tours. Steve also reworked Rent on the West End and of course most recently outlined the music for Kylie's North American tour. He's just come back from directing the music for the Westlife tour as well as the Christophe Willem tour in France. Also, involved is Terry Ronald who has previously worked with Dannii Minogue, Dirty Vegas, Girls Aloud & The Saturdays.

Another Day
(listen here)

Well, this is pure James Bond land. Clearly inspired by the Shirley Bassey's discography infused with Dusty Springfields most dramatic points. Think I Close My Eye's And Count to Ten merged with Garbages The World Is Not Enough and you've got Another Day. The clarity of Elouise's voice is what immediately strikes me. There is no trilling. Its just a very simple and big vocal by Elouise. Another Day also contains a huge key change that has the tendency to blow out my speakers. I've been known to get out my royal-blue bedsheets and drag up to Another Day. It soars. If your a fan of Kylie's Flower or Bittersweet Goodbye (also co-written by Steve Anderson) you might also like Another Day.

(listen here)

Pretender is the one Popjustice picked as the Song of the day. Its a different sort of torch ballad to Another Day. At first I thought this song was about heartbreak but listening to the lyrics I actually think this is about those early budding feelings of love. Elouise confesses that she's walking in her loved ones garden. Naked. Its a narrative of early love & that tentative yet scary hope the other person feels the same way as he or she feels about you. Such moments of love are incredibly vulnerable & this song, I think, is about that rawness. It really taps into it. Musically, one might compare this to Robbie Williams' very own torch ballad Angels.

The middle eight is drastically dramatic with Elouise singing a note that throws you to the rings of Saturn. You have to really hear it to believe it. You rarely hear singers putting out music with a massive note like you hear in Pretender. Indeed the middle eight deserves its own postal code its that huge. Another song that, if the price is right and the stars are aligned correctly, gets me pulling out the bedsheets and dragging up as if I was some tragic torch song diva in post-war France. Which is really what its all about it really. Utterly epic.

Fireman Of My Dreams
(see here)

Rounding off the perfect trio of lovesongs is the self-penned Fireman of My Dreams. Think Santa Baby, Tears On My Pillow and the cuteness of Kylie's Loveboat from her Light Years album and you've got Fireman of My Dreams. Its damn dirty but a necessary respite from the massive ballads that come before it. In the dictionary of music, I'm sure kitsch is listed and this song fills the entry. Steve Anderson and Elouise turn up the camp to hyper level so much so it led Mike Wass of the Australian blog PopAddicts to declare Fireman Of My Dreams was "the campest thing to be released by a female in a long time". Which is saying something.


You can purchase a limited run of physical Stardust EP's through her website by going here.
Or if you prefer to do it digitally you can get it through Elouise's bandcamp here.
Elouise's Twitter


Mark said...

Fireman of My Dreams is a drag queen anthem. I love this release. Any news on a new release by Elouise?

Paul said...

I'm yet to tire of this EP. I find it continually magnificent. I still hold out hope for a studio version of One Night Only though...

Deena said...

she's fab

Peter said...

Wasn't aware you were involved in Elouise bobs...!

Okay! So far, I'm not the kind of type to listen to her kind of music. Couldn't get through all Pretender. I tried. Its Celine Dion-lite isn't it? I'm not saying its shit or anything. Its just not my cup of tea. Brave for a singer to do old music when everyone is doing electronic pop music. Did she miss the memo. Even Kylie's finally got it.

She has a great voice though and Steve Anderson knows exactly what he's doing so she'll be fine. She's just not my bag.

Robpop said...

-Peter, thanks for posting. But Kylie has been doing electronic pop music for some time now? &, as you say yourself Elouise's voice is something else. It might not work with synth pop. Just because Robyn sounds amazing on With Every Heartbeat it doesn't necessarily mean other singers should try the same thing. What works for one singer might not work for another. Its all about cinderella and her shoe.

Peter, i think there's some interesting things lined-up in the following 18 months. So don't put her in the Celine Dion bag just yet ;-)

-Paul, yay! I love One Night Only.

-Mark, isn't it such! A new release? Soon.

ben said...

Great blog! Just entered the Kylie comp (I'm from say hey). Listening I can hear why Kylie doesn't use Steve Anderson for her albums. She's got a wicked voice though. A really strong voice. Other than the mighty Leona Lewis or Subo, I can't think of anyone doing anything like her in the UK scene.
Its great she's coming through the works naturally and not on the back of some Simon Cowell show.


sweet inspiration said...


I was told about this singer via a friend from the Dusty Springfield forums. I think the fact that there's no significant label behind her says something. Not that she isn't good but that the environment around her will need some convincing before people take notice.

I found the songs okay but I'll need to hear more before I conclude my thoughts on her. She's going up against the regular chart stars and trying to be like the legends like Cilla, Petula and Dusty. She's giving herself a hard mountain to climb. Interesting to watch though. Goon on her for trying.

FairyTaleBoy said...

Another Day - love

Pretender - love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fireman of My Dreams - actually, when i first heard this i liked it. But if elouise wants to be taken seriously rather than some tragi-psuedo-drag queen act i think she has to avoid the kitsch.

FairyTaleBoy said...

its not that i dont mind kistch but i think unfortunately for elouise and sophie elis-bextor the music world has settled on Kylie doing electro-lite dance and songs like Fireman. I dont think other female singers can get away with it.

James said...

I disagree!!!

I think its great she doesn't take herself too seriously. Fireman cracks me up. I wish Kylie would do more of these songs. In fact! I wish Kylie would work a bit more with Steve Anderson actually. When i hear tracks like Another Day, Breathe On Me and Heartbox I sigh because they're often better than Kylie's stuff she puts out. Ok, Aphrodite would of truly been a better home for Heartbox.

I'm moaning now but i think Steve really shouldn't be wasted on the tours. Aphrodite has had some really glowing reviews as well as some shitty ones too. Maybe those harsher critiques would of evaporated with the inclusion of the Steve who has known Kylie the longest.

So Elouise. Yeah, she's got a good voice. I'm looking forward to hearing more.

Lance said...

love elouise!

Fredrik said...
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Fredrik said...


Our present number one here in Sweden could really be by Elouise.

Fredrik said...

In Sweden, as you know, we have a singer called Carola. Elouise could be the British Carola (without the religion tho). What is it with girls with big voices and God? Maybe its the church thing. Yeah, Elouise is really good. But she has to be now. You know I like her right? She just needs to keep her sound contemporary. Not too dated.

I entered the Kylie competition. Will you be biased - afterall i am the best looking boy you have on your msn list. Right?


NeroRome said...

Reading all these comments makes me a little :-(

I love Elouise. My mom loves her. My moms friends love her. She can't wait to get the album.

I think Steve Anderson is a genius. Elouise does have to be modern but what I love about her is she refuses to compete with Gaga, Rihanna & Kylie. So many new girls try to repeat what I've heard all before and do something I'm darn sick of.

Over it!

When I heard Another Day on Larry Flick's show it really stood odd. Ever since I'm hooked on her. Larry brings brilliant music to my ears and I'm a mary that is so damn thankful for his services to my ears. Elouise was one of those acts that he brought to my attention. I'm a fan for life.

She colors me.