OSKAR LINNROS-Kinda makes you go "oooh"

You know when a pop gem lands on your lap & kinda makes you go "oooh". Well, this song Genom Eld did just that only 45 minutes ago. Ever since, I can't get over how glorious Oskar Linnros is. I am blasting Genom Eld to the citizens of Madrid where I'm currently "taking air". So Oskar hails from that pesky country that just keeps on giving us pop lovers amazing pop music: SWEDEN!

Genom Eld is like the lost ABBA song we never had. Seriously. It is. Boy just needs to record an English version and methinks massiveness for Oskar! Fans of Swedish band will like this too. They might feel "oh this is what should of been on the Ark comeback album". Each part of Genom Eld is a bit like every amazing pop song we've blasting through walkmans, discmans, ipods, ipads and so forth. Its the kinda track we rewinded on our cassette's over and over until the music deck ate up the tape. Its the kinda track I'd perform for my mum and her friends before they went out clubbing. I'd be draped in bedsheets (no wardrobe malfunctions at my mini concerts) and strut around the living room like I was the next Tina Turner, Frida & lost member of Van Halen.

Thank you to Isabel for the tip.
Oskar Linnros Official Site


Fredrik said...

I seriously dont know how you do this. I am in Sweden and you bring attention to acts based here than me living here. I dont know whether this is you or the lameness of our record companies to really promote its acts.

I'd like to think its the former rather than the latter. Thank you! I've ordered the CD already. Love it. tack.

Poster Girl said...

I don't know why, but I've been remaining--not above, but outside the hype related to him, not really listening to his songs. Until now.

"Genom Eld" is beautiful. Thanks, bobby.

I hadn't read any Ark references until now...but (tiny voice) I wish there was something more like this on their album. Good...no, great framing of the song.

Ryans said...

Ahh it's not there anymore. Is there anywhere else to find this song? I've only heard bits, but it sounds fantastic