Went to see a glorious show by the amazing Our Lady J. No, nothing to do with Lady Jane: queen of england for nine tragic days. Rather, an amazing amazing showgirl of epic proportions. She performed an electronic “post-religious gospel” set that leaked starshine beauty. I had no idea what to expect going in but leaving I felt uplifted, carried by the euphoric tablet provided by Lady J. I couldn't quite "house" what Lady J does. You really have to attend one of her shows to be honest. She dips between Nancy Sinatra, Dolly Parton, Dana Glover, Polly Rae, Kylie and Imogen Heap. Its seriously all over the place. Her show is half-Kylie, part-Rent, quarter Scissor Sisters, and part-Metropolis. Absolutely amazing. Website.

So the winner of the Kylie EP Live in New York should be announced very shortly! Woop Woop!

Above is the video for the new DYNO song Out Of Luck. I can't stop listening to it. Its a turbo pop at its finest. This band must be signed already. This song has sent me dancing madly around the flat. Spiraling totally out of control. So Out Of Luck. For me, this is a brilliant combination of the Pointer Sisters and Blondie. It is absolutely amazing. The song is so rampant & furious its like the best sex session you've had: happy, exhausted, sweaty, pummeled and wanting to do it all over again. Nice.

Anyway, went for a nice tuna steak at Balans in Soho. Who did I spot? Tyler James! A popstar that came to the world of pop perhaps before his time. I think its time Tyler made a comeback. He looked proper smart and very dapper. Lets all remember his wonderful song Foolish:



Paul said...

i have to say i do miss Tyler James :)

Poster Girl said...

Well, at least we have confirmation that Tyler is alive now. Set up a MySpace or something, Tyler (with "something" preferably being a mega-comeback with amazing songs on a major label).