After years & years of eluding the Swedish top spot, Robyn has had her first ever number 1 single with Dancing On My Own. This is very good news. It wasn't for sure whether the novel approach to release three albums in one year had totally paid off. Indeed, Body Talk Part 1 received a full spectrum of varying reviews from within the industry, media, forums and the blogworld. But, with the success of Dancing On My Own she's having the last laugh. Most importantly, indications are that Body Talk Part 2 is way better than its predecessor. Which is incredibly good as part one, tho brilliant, was problematic.

Ps! You might be wondering why this blog hasn't been updated as often as it usually is. Or maybe not. Truth is, DSTP is getting a little bit of a make-over. After 4 or 5 years, its been sent off to Betty Ford via a back street plastic clinic and an intensic week with a psychologist. All will be revealed shortly. (If all goes accordingly).


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