"Won't Hide Away from the Fight"-Dover return with Dannaya

Currently in Spain & whilst out last night I heard a most wondrous thing. The new single by Dover. Its been some time since I heard of them but when they deliver they always do and always with interesting results. The pop punk rock band from Spain have continued their exploration of pop by merging English disco pop with the works of Boubacar Traore of Mali. As you'll hear not all of this latest single is strictly in English (the language Dover always sing). Its sung in Bamanankan.

Personally, Dannaya has emerged as my summer song of 2010 along (along with Kylie Minogue's All The Lovers). Why? Its warmth, philosophy and capacity to be both decked out in melody and addictive pop creativity. You'll not hear a song like it in the disco floors of the costa del sol. It is a brave step for Dover. But they're not adverse to breaking down that box that they're label, and many of their fans, would prefer them to stay in. Indeed, when Dover moved away from Garbage-lite pop to music that is more Kylie (See here) than their previous works which were firmly rooted in rather grungetastic pop soil it caused a little shockwave within the Spanish music industry and saw Dover loose fans. But what they lost, they've gained. For sure, the comeback single Let me Out has been viewed by over million on youtube.

Dannaya is another leap. And I love it!



Gareth said...

That is fucking ridiculously catchy.

Thanks for the unusual tip bobbaPop! (this is why i like dstp!). Update more often please.

Poster Girl said...

Umm...so I think I kind of love this. Didn't see it coming, but love it. Thanks for the heads-up, Bobby!

Fredrik said...

I'll second PPG! I didnt see this coming whatsoever. Er, i love it. I love the Kleerup-esque middle eight.

James said...

love it

Zach Taylor said...

really cool!!