SORAYA ALBUM AND DETAILS!!! DREAMER...coming the end of THIS month

Soraya is totally totally back! As confirmed on this site, the album includes the collaboration with Donna Summer (called You've Got The Music). Below is the tracklisting.

  • 01 Dreamer
  • 02 Failing Me (Runaway)
  • 03 Give You U.
  • 04 Ticking All The Boxes
  • 05 I Got You
  • 06 You’ve Got The Music
  • 07 Electric Girl
  • 08 Twilight
  • 09 Live Your Dreams
  • 10 In My Blood
  • 11 Close To Me

We should be hearing the new single (the title track) very soon. This album is the first she's done outside of her deal with Vale/Universal (she's now with Sony). I am incredibly excited. It also includes work with Bed√ľk, Roger Sanchez, Wally Lopez and Juan Megan. I might just book a flight to Madrid to be first in line at El Corte Ingles for the album. I've done it before....



Poster Girl said...

I don't know anything about Sony in Spain, but I hope this new deal helps her sell more and up the "level" of this era (and hope the music is great, of course).

Mike said...

You know how much I want this shit! Can't wait for the return of Queen Soy Soy!