Forgive me for writing this review so late, but I've held out on listening to the album until bought it in the stores. I not heard a single whisper of the album before today. I am such a Pollyanna when it comes to Robyn.

Part One was such a let down. Even the delectable hit Dancing On My Own wasn't a patch on Robyn's previous efforts. Only Fembots aroused my popstastic urges. This shits all over such doubts. Thank you so much Robin Miriam Carlsson.

Its often said that popstars, if they're gonna be huge, they need a gimmick. We saw this put to musical form in the movie staring Natalie Wood Gypsy. And, Robyn's gimmick is putting her vocals to groundbreaking and beautiful electronic pop songs. It's Robyn's natural skill. She doesn't really need the smokes & mirrors that her electrosister Lady Gaga requires. In Body Talk Part Two, DontStopthePop is relieved to see Robyn return to form. She wobbled on its earlier installment. Indeed, the guy at Rough Trade told me that they'd sold out of Body Talk 2 not because of some mad rush to buy the album but because of the weak sales of Body Talk 1 resulted in him putting very few orders for this confluent sister release. So, copies vanished from record stores on the day of release. It's expected to chart this week. High. And rightfully so.

Love Kills

A lot of blogs have underscored this song as the key track of the record and I understand why. And, its not. Kylie was doing this sort of song some years ago (see Kylie's Like a drug-I swear, the girl is a trendsetter. I knew it when I was dancing to Enjoy Yourself as a 7 year old back in the day.). Anyway, back to Robyn! The lyrics are overwrought, overclever and its way too self-knowing. Its smarmy git of a song. Its hot and it fucking knows it. This is not to say I don't see its amazeness but I hate its cocky attitude. 1/5

Hang With Me

Mouthwatering. I was very defensive of this cover. I hated the fact she'd gone and totally changed Paola's amazing original. But, over time I've fallen so hard for this record. Its an instant get-up-and-dance song. If Kylie has her "Kylie Moments", Hang With Me, is a Robyn resurrection. The lyrics lay over each other like enthralling pillars of pop pleasure. Absolutely adorable. 5/5

In My Eyes

This is so warm. This is a merger of Robyn's work with Christian Falk (Remember & Dream On) and her number one single With Every Heartbeat. It's a beautiful way to initiate the album. File under fucking and totally uplifting. Essential play on a downcast depressing day like a rainy Tuesday. 5/5

Include Me Out

"Come on, all you trannies click your heels for me"/"All hail to the mamas who hold it down".
Very amazing lyrics there m ethinks. The communal feel good track pretty much sets the tone for the album. Whereas one might say Katy Perry has set album on narratives about falling love (and why not) Robyn is looking at how humans relate to each other, issues of loneliness and society. Include Me Out is a perfect construction of music with crunchy pop & pulsating rhythms. 5/5

Criminal Intent

This is so shit it hurts. Robyn returns to her Konichiwa Bitches material but I'm sorry but this terrible. 0/5

We Dance To The Beat

At first this seemed like bits of this track was missing. It appears to be a dub. An extended house track with the verses horrifically ripped out. But on repeated plays, it penetrates the brain and emerges as one of the tracks of the year. I found myself bathing in its minimal bliss. 5/5

U Should Know Better (featuring Snoop Dogg)

"The whole industry knows not to f*** with me". Too right. I love this record by now as you've guessed. This song seals the deal though. The peformers make you feel a part of the party on U Should Know Better. They make you feel like you're having tons of fun. That you're part of the fun. Honestly. When Snoop Dogg works with Katy Perry it just seems a tad forced. Fun, with Katy? I just can't hear it. Not quite convincing. Robyn and Snoop? Oh yes. You just gotta listen to this. 5/5

Indestructible – Acoustic Version

And then this piece comes along to blow everything apart into pop smithereens. You just know that this is going to be on part three and will monumental. Monumental. In its acoustic form, Indestructible, has radiantly manacled itself to my heart. I am willingly entranced and entrapped. This epic song is submerged with strings which consequently paints one of my favourite pieces of orchestration of the year. Think Brahms mixed in with Mozart & Billie Holiday. Just dreamy 5/5


Body Talk 2 is drenched in glorious clubpop-heavy beats. To steal a line from Dance To The Beat "its loud and its proud". This installment is clubbier and yet more soulful than her previous efforts. It pivots between faster strobe lights and delicate moments where you feel she's telling you her most deeper secrets of heartbreak. This is arguably the best Pet Shop Boys record that they've never released. This has solidly rooted itself as one of the finest collections of music of 2010.



Paul said...

and she's dominating the swedish singles charts with loads of these tracks this week too!

Robpop said...

aye, she has two albums in the top ten..(no.1 and no.2!)....as well as two singles in the top ten. Success!

Fingers crossed this installment does well here.