Two of my favourite singers performed in two of America's biggest shows. Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewives. Robyn performed the cover of the Paola Ahlund classic Hang With Me while Dana Glover returned to music - finally! - as Emma in Desperate Housewives by performing an original song with Dave Koz (it went to no.4 in the Billboard Jazz Charts). Though I adore both I think Dana might have just trumped Robyn by actually being involved in the storyline of the episode in question. Not only did she sing her amazing number called Start All Over Again, but she also secured a bit of a role for herself. Robyn performed her cute little ditty and found herself layered over actors doing their thing. Damnation! Why, script why? Alas, exposure is exposure nevertheless. I am sure Robyn will be glad for whatever she has and you can't buy that kind of slot.

The appearance of Dana Glover not only was more special because Dana had a part in the given episode but there was the added facet that Dana's song was probably a tad better than Hang With Me. Beyond that, Dana Glover's appearance marked an amazing return after years of nothing. As for me, I reserve a very special place in my heart for Dana Glover and her album Testimony. She could read from the bus timetable and she'd make me shiver to my bones. You see, it's not quite the music she produces but it's the voice she has. It is one of a kind.


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