Tone Damli Returns with Crazy Cool

And sounds a bit like Kylie in doing so. Immediate comparisons with Kylie's Get Out Of My Way are understandable but this song was written before the Aussie unleashed her Aphrodite album. I love the rather interesting lonely gun metaphor stuff in the middle 8. Unique. Apparently Tone is releasing her previous album here in the UK! Yummy!



Damian said...

Love this performance!
Not as perfect as I expected but now I definitely love the song much more. Hope to see Tone on next MGP.

Anonymous said...

I love Tone! Her new album, Cocool, is pop-tastic!
Really hope the international release of I Know does well for her in the UK (strange that the first single from Cocool, I Love You, was included on it, but Crazy Cool wasn't).