First, DSTP must start with Elouise's version of Gaga's ode to liberty, rights and equality Born This Way. Elouise and Steve Anderson strip back the dancetastic original an acoustic root and slightly re-work the structure with their arrangement so certain phrases are punctuated and embellished. The result? It becomes a rather lush power ballad. I am incredibly biased when it comes to Elouise (yes, I put my hands up) but this cover has immediately burnt a hole in my ipod player. The song is now available for a free download too (here). Woo!

So here it is! The Ultra Girls video. It screams girlband fun. And that's the point. Theres so much serious straight laced pop music going around at the moment. I love the fact the Ultra Girls refuse to play the snorefest card. The girls are currently flying around the UK supporting Kylie on her tour and I can't wait to see them strut their stuff this Saturday! I'm gonna do a phat big article on the Ultra Girls after I see them take on the world & conqueror the stage that is the London's 02!

I am loving this new mix of Kylie Minogue's Put Your Hands Up by Phil Hammond. I am so late on this but I've been a little busy bitch. I can't wait to see Kylie live (I've had small or no spoilers - in an age of twitter that has been incredibly difficult but with a few days before the show I've got a little idea of the setlist). What awaits - the mind boggles! This remix actually reminds me of a girlband hit that never was by the much missed Red Blooded Woman called Keep Up The Attraction which was a slice of three minute pure PWL pop bliss!

Talking of which, the Queen Of Hearts. I am going to a showcase tomorrow and I.CANT.WAIT! The Queen of Hearts has observed Goldfrapp, Kylie, Robyn, Daft Punk and Lady Gaga & added herself to the shelf but in a way that is constantly original, fresh and organic. Something that is incredibly difficult to do within in the field of electronic pop music. The Queen of Hearts adds to the genre rather than merely presenting herself as a copy or clone what's we've heard and seen before. That is difficult to do. Many get it wrong. Few get it right. Look at Natalia Kills for instance. It's a balance that is so rarely obtained. Yet, Queen of Hearts produces pop music resplendent, original, fragile and constantly enjoyable.

Another cute video is by Nick Hagelin. He is cute as buttons. Not many pop videos come with dancing pandas these days so its totally worth the mention. I wanna wrap him up and get him to do a duet with Elouise. I can see both of them in their very own episode of Glee for some reason. Funnily enough, just like I've fallen hard for Elouise's acoustic take of an heavy BPM track I actually prefer Nick's stripped down version of ICU over the dancetastic original. Maybe I'm just in that kind of mood at the moment.


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