ULTRA GIRLS - live at London's 02!

After interviewing the band a few weeks ago, I was incredibly eager to see them actually doing their stuff and performing their single, Girls Will Be Girls, live on stage. Would they turn out to be all mouth and no trousers? Well they didn't disappoint. Supporting Kylie Minogue on the UK and Ireland leg of her World Tour, they stormed the stadium like mini-Aphrodites themselves. Very fierce and very, very mighty. They kicked off the set arriving, like Persephone herself, rising from the underworld through two trap doors in the stage just as the gorgeous introductory synths of Girls Will Be Girls struck up. Sharp choreography and strong vocals immediately won over the fans in the splash zone. Laura and Lauren's powerful lungs strike the sound system as they declare their 'electric heartbeats' in the neon-fused Birds and the Bees which doubles up as You Spin Me Around (Like A Record) for 2011 with a touch of Robyn's Who's That Girl in there for good measure.

Once the rush of the first songs dies down, it soon becomes evident that the Ultra Girls do not only have a tendency to provide ridiculously catchy pop music, but they couldn't give a fuck about flogging the dead donkey that is being the 'next Spice Girls' or 'future Girls Aloud' monikers. I imagine such comparisons could be drawn but to me that's painting a very monochromatic picture. The double-whammy of Gonna Stay and I O U emerges with such exuberance that I not only want to get up and become the fifth Ultra but recognize clearly that the band refuses to play the 'the next [insert band here]' card and instead provide a menu of pop that is entirely of their own making.

Amy performs the ringmaster role while Lucy takes charge as the uber-fun master of ceremonies. All equally vocally strong, by the time the girls rock out to the excellent mash-up of Blur's Song 2 and Pink's Get The Party Started, I'm hooked. Fan for life. I want the album, like yesterday!

Girls Will Be Girls is released on Monday!



Henry the Trekker said...

I first saw the Ultra Girls at O2 Dublin when they kicked off the Ireland and UK part of Kylie Minogue's Aphrodite tour. I was blown away by them!

I've been a long-term Kylie fan, and she doesn't usually have a support act. So, the Ultras were off to an amazing start by getting the Kylie seal of approval!

I saw the Ultras again at the O2 London, and they rocked the venue! The Kylie fans really warmed to them and their set of songs!

The Ultra Girls are a new force in music. They can't really be compared with the Sugababes or the Saturdays. They are a unique new Girl Band, with their own style, and their own style of music. They are sure to take the music world by storm! Go Ultra Girls! xx

Fredrikskogvist said...

Please don't take this the wrong way Robpop, but I think you've got this wrong on this front. I saw them at Les Follies/Kylie and the faces on them! Slapped arses.

The music is terrible. Think you're on your own on this one.

They need to work on their website too. And better music. Better everything.

Thanks for the Queen of Hearts tip. She is brilliant.

Lance said...

You say that they're trying to do their own thing but they've copied the looks and even the swinging chairs thing from the Saturdays and Girls Aloud. They're everything that is bad about girlbands today. Not feeling this at all, Bobby.

David said...

Mierda. Esto es mejor!



FairyTaleBoy said...

I'm not loving the first single but I'll take your word for it and keep an eye out for this band.

Ray said...

I was at 02 and I could not believe they were singing live. They look absolutely stunning and really warmed us up for Kylie. I think however they could do with better material. It all sounded so dated. And, not in a good way.

Anonymous said...

Saw them at Cardiff. They rocked!

Robpop said...

Ray: They're amazing live. They've got great harmonies! They bite off way more than the usual girlgroup. Shame you thought the music wasn't up to scratch. I had a great time. I love the new songs. I am sure they've got more up their sleeve that you'd like.

FairyTaleBoy: Yay! Don't give up on the group. They're fabulous. Absolutelyfucking fabulous.

David: I wouldn't go that far. I do like Edurne. But i love the ultra girls - you gotta check them out when they do spain. You'll love the other songs they have. Gotta Stay is amazing.

Lance: Thank you for commenting. Aww, shame you don't dig them. But this is just their first single. Give them sometime and they'll win ya over. Mark my words ;-)

Fred: Awww, I saw them too live and I thought they were fab. They know how to rock it and how to really get the atmosphere electric. They all looked like they were having a great time. Maybe they were just nervous when you saw them.

I will forward the problems about the website to the team :-) Thank you for informing me of the website issue. Really appreciate it.

Queen of Hearts is fab ain't she!?

Henry the Trekker: You've totally nailed how i feel about 'em

Paul said...

i'm quite smitten with them :) I still think a Boys Will be Boys (Ordinary Boys) cover should be in the offing at some point!!

Lance said...

They've flopped! Saw that coming a mile off. You'd think the kylie support slot would help!

Ray said...

Hey, bobby. Did they chart today? I didn't hear this anywhere. I thought they were brilliant at Kylie but the music was pretty shit. Sorry. But the music is so bad. Its so damn dated. As for future music up their sleeve...well thats just brilliant isn't it? They didnt have one good song live. Why arn't they performing it? Why are they holding back the good stuff? Why do that? LAME.

Liz said...

The Spice Girls/Girls Aloud girl group format is dated now. We need a new type of girl band that is current and individual instead if sticking to a template which has become boring.

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