AURYN - Breathe In The Light

I love this boyband. Auryn hail from Spain and their new single is by....Ruth Lorenzo. And its wonderful. I don't usually go for boybands but Auryn tick all my boxes. They were supposed to represent Spain at this years Eurovision in Germany but came second. A crime as the song is absolutely brilliant. Breathe In The Light is one of my songs of the year. Ruth Lorenzo truly has written a really tight little pop anthem for Auryn. It makes me wet my lips for her debut album. The key thing about Auryn is their harmonies. They're not about back-flips. Although I'm sure they could dance rather well. Listening to the lead single its great vocals and great pop songs are what make Auryn. The lyrics arn't trite but rather warm and have a dash of Take That (especially Rule The World). A great debut. Certainly a band to watch out for this 2011. Official site.

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Paul said...

thanks for the intro for this, i really do like it. right up my street :) Black checked shirt, black scarf smouldering looks guy can come right up my street too :D Oo-er