The legend that is Larry Flick of OUTQ has just completed an uberfabulous interview with Kylie Minogue. Its a big long one and very very special. This is a must listen to any Kylie fan. They go back. Really back but also its incredibly in-depth. Part One of the interview is up and online for your ears now....and here is the sublime second part:


Fresh from releasing her version of Tainted Love (available here) Elouise has just completed a set of shows in the heart of Soho as part of her monthly residency at Madame Jojo's. She's on the verge of releasing her take on Barry Manilow's epic disco anthem Could It Be Magic. Listen to Tainted Love here:

Not only will she be appearing at Gay Pride in Manchester and London's Summer Rites festival but has also confirmed a string of Little Belter concerts during the summer (dates here).

The next one is on 20th of July (click here for tickets)!


Talking of amazing shows...Polly Rae has announced that she's about to return to the stage with her umaaaaamazing Hurly Burly West End show this winter. I can't wait! Woop! Follow Polly on twitter here to receive news about her new show before anyone else.


Christophe Willem just performed a brilliant medley on X Factor over in France (see above). I need his album he's been recording like already!!!! I've heard whispers about it: the french Body Talk has been mentioned on the french music gossip sites. My lips are wet with anticipation! His last album was airtight pop (buy it here via Fnac) and I have such a feeling that his stint on X Factor France has bolted up the follow-up to Caffeine as an "event-album" of his career.

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Esther G. said...

Thanks for this interview, it was awesome! Kylie is fantastic :D