Spain's version of X Factor/Idol gave us not one but a number of dancetastic disco divas. Most will of course remember the original winner Rosa Lopez but we've of course had the amazing and legendary Soraya. In the very same season we had Rosa, there was also the mighty Natalia. I've always loved her. She simply delivers exactly what I expect from her. She's also been rather successful with the first set of albums working with Xenomania, Lucie Silvas, amongst others.

Chart-wise she did really well until she went rnb with the awful album Radikal. Her audience are mostly also have Monica Naranjo & Marta Sanchez in their collections. Not Ghostface Killah. The decision was disastrous. The album crashed in at number number 55 which is terrible for Spain. However her last two singles Go (above) and Rhythm Is A Dancer is a clear attempt by Natalia to reclaim her dancefloor queen status in the tasty nightclubs of Chueca. Personally, her album can't come soon enough.

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