The Spanish Divas Round Up: Monica Naranjo, Marta Sanchez, Soraya, Edurne

First lets start with Monica! She's taking her ground breaking concert-musical-gig hybrid where she plays herself playing mixed in with a legendary actress at the end of her career to the United States. She's also completing her album but as we wait for that to come out she's collaborated with Marta Sanchez and has two Euro-dance tracks on the Brian Cross dance album (Dream Alive & Crying For Heaven). The diva is also currently one of the judges on a Spanish TV show that bridges X Factor with Idol and Celebrity Stars In Their Eyes. She is also releasing a greatest hits too which features one or two new(ish) songs. Oh, and only released in Mexico. Monica's single with Brian Cross, Dream Alive, will be released in Spain on the 13th of December.

Soraya has a new single! Its with her collaborator Antoine Clamaran and its called Feeling You. Soraya seems to be spending some energy on France of late. As you can see below she sounds pretty fabulous live performing in front of thousands in Paris.

She does a medley of Dreamer and Stick Shift finishing off with the new single. Along with dance work with Brian Cross Soraya is firmly putting down her roots as the Spanish Queen of Clubs. I can't wait for her 2012 album.

Edurne, a fellow OT starlet, has just announced that she's in the midst of recording her fifth album which is great considering the last album had a bumpy ride in the Spanish charts. While we wait for her new album, Edurne fans could satiate their ears by listening to her interesting collaboration with Miguel Costas on his new album Costas is Back. I suppose this is somewhat similar to when Kylie worked with Nick Cave on his Murder Ballads album. I don't think anyone would of expected the two names Edurne and Miguel Costas looped together in the same sentence let alone on an album together. This is miles away from her previous album. Judge for yourself here.

While it would seem Edurne is venturing away from her pop roots with Miguel Costas, Marta Sanchez is consolidating. With her huge dance hit Get Together clinging onto the dance charts in Spain, the world - well, my world - waits like a child on Christmas eve for the impending reveal of the Monica Naranjo & Marta duet. This comes after Monica declined Marta's invite to collaborate on her last album which former diva, rightfully I must add, predicted wouldn't do as well as expected. I don't know under what auspices the duet has emerged but some believe it could of arisen from the two working closely together with Brian Cross and his impending dance album (her song titled Whatever It Takes). As such the duet could be high voltage pop.

Her new single, Dancing In Spain, screams explosive pop. I love how Marta passes off a little fail in her very first performance of Dancing In Spain when she takes the mic to her mouth too early. Brilliant. Anyway, at a preview party, I only managed to hear it once but its considerably like Infernal. In short, rather amaze. One could envisage this doing it well during the summer season in 2012. It is clear Marta has put aside her previous album and venturing deep into pop - a path paved after the release of her studio album Miss Sanchez. A nice return to form. In fact, 2012 is gonna be a great time for all four popstars as each plan to release new albums. I can't wait!

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