A NEW KYLIE TOUR! Some Song Suggestions From Dont Stop The Pop

Fresh from the massive success of Mardi Gras Kylie has announced the first two dates of her Anti-tour as part of the K25 celebrations. From what I gather, Anti-Tour is about unearthing the hidden gems that have radiated throughout Kylie's career but rarely, if ever, performed live or in some cases not released. If the show should come to London....I'd love Kylie perform the following songs....

Bittersweet Goodbye

For me, this has to be one of the greatest highlights of Kylie's wall of sound. Its a beautiful ballad that sent shivers down my spine even on repeat listens years after it was released on the Light Years album in 2000. Finding itself next to pop explosions like Butterfly, Spinning Around So Now Goodbye, a ballad was always going to be a tough sell but for this reason alone is why my heart wrapped around the masterpiece. Lets not even talk about the vocals. Bittersweet Goodbye is one of those songs that shaped my particular time in my life and emerged as the go-to song I used for a bit of therapy. Bittersweet Goodbye soars, spirals and weaves its narrative around the listener so they're forever more refuse to vanquish its hold over them. Absolutely amazing.

You're The One

Along with Bittersweet Goodbye, You're The One is probably the finest song I've ever heard Kylie ever record. It is absolutely stunning, magical and sublime. Its lyrical complexity delves into a level of obsession and trust we encountered in Kylie's Confide In Me and ten years or so later in The One. Oddly enough, You're The One emerges as the bridge between the two aforementioned songs and it would be a marvel to hear Kylie perform the unreleased gem from the Impossible Princess recording sessions. To hear Kylie sing the "I''ve dealt with a demon once or twice and they had pay the price alone" would be a thrill beyond thrills.

Paper Dolls

Now I love and adore Spinning Around. But when I discovered its b-side Paper Dolls I was stopped in my tracks. There was something about this that had me totally overwhelmed. I think it may of been the deliciousness of Kylie's delivery or the fact I was actually falling in love with my boyfriend at the time. I was 16 going onto 17 and that song seemed to say absolutely everything that my heart was feeling. 12 years later I'm still with him and I still feel the same way I do for Paper Dolls. Beautiful.

Sweetest Summer (Original version of Limbo)

Fans of Impossible Princess will know of track ten and the b-side to Some Kind Of Bliss. It even makes for show-stopping appearances whenever its appeared on Kylie's tours. Something about the insanely wonderful lyrics maybe? I certainly think so. The Kylie Anti-tour might be the perfect place to bring out and perform the original version of Limbo that remains unreleased and deep within the archives. Back in the day, Kylie worked the likes of Olive and pieced together a song called Limbo with the same lyrics but before you can say "lets re-do it", Kylie recorded the song again, used the same lyrics but gave it an extensive make-over. I'd love to hear the original version.

Something To Believe In

The unreleased song by Biff sounds very Liberace. Nuff said.

Disco Down

Released on the Light Years album, perhaps Disco Down was upstaged by Your Disco Needs You, Light Years, On A Night Like This, Butterfly and of course Spinning Around. But really Disco Down is one of the funniest songs Kylie has ever recorded. If you ever wanted to find a 3 minute musical all you'd have to do is refer to the jolly that Disco Down. In short, its a mini-musical of its own. Pure pop bliss. I mean, how could you deny a song that has Kylie quoting Le Freak and Dancing Queen. Can you imagine the string section? Can you? Explosive!

Made Of Glass

A b-side that left my mouth wide open after hearing it and had me hitting the repeat button the second it finished. Did I seriously hear what I was hearing? Made Of Glass is a brilliant little turbo pop song that managed to easily upstage the A-side. There was even a little campaign to get it released such was the fan love for the track that especially recorded for the greatest hits package in 2004. Another song that has never been performed.

Things Can Only Get Better

Explosive, punchy and powerfully brilliant. The optimistic message of the song had me spinning around the living room as a kid on its release in 1990 as part of the Rhythm of Love package. For me, the song even had the gall to be occasionally more awesome than Step Back In Time and its two following singles. I loved it. There was something incredibly empowering about the song that made me constantly return to it. Anthemic.


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ahhhhh! i'd forgotten all about disco down - thanks for reminding me that it is AMAZING