Paulina Rubio Boys Will Be Boys (apparently)

Ignoring groundbreaking feminist analysis of the last century that started with de Beauvoir thru to gender theorist Butler, Paulina has unleashed her lyrically backward new single Boys Will Be Boys produced by RedOne. For the Mexican pop legend, us boys are sadly a product of gender and thus cannot break free from the terms and conditions set by our sexuality so can't be blamed, or shamed, for what us lads get up to. Naughty naughty us. Yawn. The gloriously banal corresponding video reflects the banality of her new single. Compared to the fun singles by her contemporaries like Shakira, Natalia, Soraya, Anahi, Thalia, Marta, Edurne and always challenging concept-pop of Monica, Paulina has often appeared unoriginal, dull and five steps behind the rest. Evidently this single doesn't break Paulina's habit of staying incredibly conservative. Indeed, despite a video filled with flesh, orgies and S&M, Paulina and its confluent song has provided perhaps 2012's most un-sexiest and un-controversial moment in pop. Also, it sounds like the Vengaboys song Boom Boom Boom Boom with all the fun/catchy bits taken out.

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