Mr Brightside Agonized? Paloma Faith inspired by The Killers?

I love Paloma Faith. Way too much. And the album is so good. But listening to Agony (a track on her new album) I couldn't stop help myself singing Mr Brightside. The choruses are IDENTIFICAL. If you can’t hear it may I guide you to Le Kid glorious cover (only because it features a female on the vocals). Paloma Faith must be a huge fan of Mr.Flowers. 

Compare the two for yourself


Em W said...

Haha yesssss lol found your post whilst trying to find out who wrote agony, heard it for the first time and thought it was a cover :)

Anonymous said...

YEP! i heard it as soon as the chorus came on and i just started singing mr britghtside to her music. they are so identical