Kylie - Flower

Popstars and ballads seem to be a bit of a rarity these days despite the pop leviathan that is Adele and her polemic album sales. The general urge is to release a single for the clubs that tend to scrape the bottom of the dancefloor barrel. So when a popstar releases an astonishingly beautiful ballad one has to pay to attention. Flower is a stunning piece of work first heard by fans on her X tour. A cousin of Kylie's equally wonderful Bittersweet Goodbye, Flower basks in the splendid sunshine that initially sparkled when Kylie departed PWL and joined Deconstruction. Even in the video you can almost feel the dark presence of Nick Cave ready to scribe his words and fists onto the tragic Eliza Day.

Flower is also a break. A break from the heady dance pop eruption that has been spinning around since, er, Spinning Around. While there are indeed roots of Flower that trace back to her earlier songwriting such as Say The World - I'll Be There and No World Without You, the song is a clear breather from the glorious poptastic intensity we often receive from KylieWorld. Rather, Flower proffers the opportunity to take stock, sit back, order a lush red merlot and reminisce over the twenty five years of incredibly powerful pop music and equally amazing iconic pop moments. More, not only is it a perfect introduction to the impending Abbey Road album but also a toast to the next enthralling and exciting stage in Minogue's career wherever it may blossom next.