Loreen releases two new singles (In My Head & Requiem Solution)

The first is a beautiful collaboration with Kleerup called Requiem Solution that saw its premiere during the Swedish Grammy Awards. Some have critiqued the track as exposing Andreas Kleerup as a one trick pony unable to move beyond the same tricks seen in With Every Heartbeat (with Robyn) and Longing for Lullabies (with Titiyo). Personally I love the song with its splendid string arrangements and soft electronic baseline but yes I must admit it doesn't quite include the glorious wrought crescendo reached in the previously mentioned hit singles. Still, a wonderful song! Next, Loreen not only released a video for her title track, Heal, she's put out perhaps the last single from the album In My Head one of my all time Loreen favs. Along with a slick radio edit, the release of In My Head features the Promise Land remix in radio and extended edit.

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