Aurora - Love your new video. How did you get into writing music and singing in the first place?

Thank you!!! I never got into singing really, but I got into writing music when I was around 6. Didn't add any lyrics before I was 9! I remember writing music always made me very happy. It's a nice thing to have in your life.

What international artists inspired you the most and how were you introduced to them?

Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. Both introduced by my mom and dad! But it was not before I was around 9 I learnt to appreciate the lyrics and the stories they managed to tell through their songs. I'm really inspired by that! 

What Scandanavian musicians influence you when writing?

Hm.. I don't really know! I'm more inspired by the Scandinavian people than the musicians. But I guess we all have a certain darkness in our music. But I think that's because of our dark winters. I love our dark winters.

You’ve had an incredible 18 months. You’ve just completed your NYC/LA shows. What stands out as being the most memorable occasion?

Everything. Just traveling with my amazing band and wonderful manager. And to actually have people coming to my shows and singing along to my songs. It moves me more than anything. I don't even know how do describe it. It's lovely.

I would be terrified of performing - how do you source that…rawness of laying yourself bare into positive energy when taking to the stage?

I'm always terrified!! I never thought I would ever stand on a stage, it's a very strange thing. But it got easier when I changed the focus from me - to the audience. When you think about it it's quite a lovely thing! That these people actually came here to listen to me, and my job is to make them feel it was worth it.

The album - tell us about that! How many songs will it contain?

11. My favorite number. 

Your cover of Nature Boy is immense - how it was picked to be a cover?

I just really love the song. It's so magical. And I wouldn't miss the chance to tell that story my own way! 

Will you release a recorded version soon? Maybe as a bonus track?


How does it feel to have such strong and positive reaction to her your music so early on? Especially online.

It's wonderful. Very scary, and strange. But I'm glad to see how many good and supporting people there are in the world. I couldn't have done this without supporters, so I'm very grateful. 

It feels to me that your songs are very much stories. Narrative based....

Absolutely. I like to write songs that can satisfy the people listening to the melodies and the people listening to the lyrics.

If you could collaborate with one major artist...

Bob Dylan or Chemical brothers! 

Are you still in the experimental stage with regards to the sounds of the album or have the songs pretty much taken form and shape?

The songs have pretty much taken form now. And live it's mostly about spreading the energy and making each song sound like a soup foul of energy and emotions! Maybe not a soup. Maybe a bowl. 
How much does Bergen inspire you?

In many ways, the lovely people and the lovely nature. I'm very inspired by nature, my house is in the middle of the forest. It's lovely. 

Could you envisage a time recording elsewhere? LA or London?

I don't think so! I like being home.

So - Aurora thank you for this interview - but before you go a question for laughs...If you were to put together a 4 track covers EP….from the top of your head, which songs/artists immediately come to mind?

Maybe "Forever" by dePresno, "The brothel" by Susanne sundf√∂r, "tambourine man" by Bob Dylan, and "Tomorrow never knows" by the Beatles! Thank you:) lovely questions! 


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