SOPHIA SOMAJO - Klein Blue - BOOM! The song of 2015/2016!

And, boom in the flickering embers of the year Sophia drops the song of 2015. And, maybe 2016. What the hell Sophia? Talk about pulling the rug from under our feet. Klein Blue is deliciously electric resplendent in gorgeous choruses and feverish middle eight draped with power-house vocals. The song is THE song. It is an optimistic song - of passion, of knowingness and if's&maybes. Watch and you'll see sort of thing. Which is great. Sophia keeps everyone on notice. She's not this. She's not that. Stop putting her in that box. Stop with labelling.

We've written about Sophia quite a lot - first appearing on Dontstopthepop back in 2009 in our INTRODUCING SOPHIA SOMAJO feature which really felt like a MOMENT! A moment of discovery that I treasure. Listening to her first E.P back then I was rendered speechless - gosh I can recall how fucking difficult it was to write a review about Somajo even now. And, today? The same again. Somajo pushes herself, her music, her image, the norm, and the listener. I love it. Any album you can find of Sophia's get it. They're journeys. Polemics! Sophia always brings a sense of berserk attitude to her pop stylings that carry me on every slick beat and synth snare. She provides - I consume. Thank you.

The EP comes out in February 

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