Readers of DontStopthePop!!! Christmas has come early! Today the blog is featuring a song that isn't even out yet but I suspect it will be huge. And its with full permission of the writers-the very talented Gustav who has kindly allowed us all to shimmer in the brilliance that is Dangerzone. This is so fresh and new, the girls themselves have yet to officially announce themselves on the pop scene. However they are on the verge of their international breakthrough....Indeed with the assistance of the same people behind the brilliance that is the Spanish pop princess Edurne, B-Tween have pop domination in their sights...

B-Tween, who consist of Martina Ståhl and Alexandra Pettersson, are simply sublime and produce the kind of catchy pop this world requires right about now. On Dangerzone the girlgroup have infused and incorporated the sounds of September, BwO and ABBA into one perfect blissful pop song. I am so glad that the powers that be have allowed this download for us! Feeling the love! The song makes go all fuzzy at the edges and this happens very rarely.

In fact I can remember them they are so rare-the first time I heard Kylie's Can't Get You Out Of My Head, Robyn's With Every Heartbeat and another song by another Swedish act that I can't talk about at the moment but hopefully they too will appear on DSTP soon!

Last year DontStopthePop predicted the success of LuckyTwice. Last year it was also the first place on earth to talk about the then completely unknown song With Every Heartbeat. It even called it the "Song of the year". That was back in October 2006!!!!! Now its 2007 and I am going all fuzzy over two particular songs. This one and the other one that will also hopefully feature later in the week!

Written by Fanciz Jernberg and Gustav Efraimsson, Dangerzone is a sort of post-modern take on "I Will Survive" re-coded for a brand new generation. Its message of liberation is a old one but they've managed to make your butt wiggle and wash the man out of the hair at the same time! Which is often tried but often falls flat on its face. I've got a funny feeling Dangerzone might be huge. If not this particular song then definitely something else originating from the house of B-TWEEN.

E.M.M.A-back in the day

So who are they? They hail from Sweden and were previously in one of my most loved girlbands'-E.M.M.A! Like Raen and Clea, E.M.M.A came to their name through using the letters of their first names. They released three poptastic albums and produced ultra catchy gems like Hollywood Boy, SMS and Det bästa av allting är du. I would go so far as to say September were in fact influenced by E.M.M.A but perhaps thats too controversial for a Tuesday evening.

The M and the A splintered off and created B-Tween. However, on B-Tweens new material you can clearly hear the sound of their old girlband filtering through their new beats....so perhaps when I say they've "incorporated" September and BwO its a misplaced statement. They've simply re-energized the sound of E.M.M.A that the uninitiated might understandably misrecognise as the sound of September. That is not the case. The sound of September is rather like the sound of E.M.M.A.

With Dangerzone, B-Tween are just reclaiming what was theirs in the first place and with amazing results. Am I splitting hairs? Oh I think I am! Sorry. Forgive me, I just can't get over how great Dangerzone/B-Tween are! Oh and i am so glad that the girls have agreed to give ya'll a little tidbit from their new album! And its all with permission!

So its with a very huge smile that DontStopthePop can claim to be the first place to feature the girlband thats is B-Tween. Moreover, DSTP has declared itself ourselves as proud fans! The last time I ventured a "this will be huge" it was for With Every Heartbeat and Monrose's Hot Summer. With Robyn's song doing rather well and Hot Summer entering the Billboard Euro charts of no.10, Dangerzone/B-Tween could be on your radio sooner than you think! Remember where you heard it all first!

There isn't a site for B-Tween yet but you can check out their myspace here.
I'd like to thank the girls and Gustav for allowing this song to be shared!

*Coming up later this week-an interview with B-Tween and part two of the interview with Robyn!*


Camped Crusader said...

I was worried this was gonna be a Vanilla Ninja cover!

Robpop said...

Naw!!! Much better!

Michaell said...

God I totally thought they simply ARE Vanilla Ninjas , they look almost the same at the first picture

Anonymous said...

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