For the second album the Spanish pop princess (who launched her career by performing amazing versions of Kylie's Its In Your Eyes) Edurne decided to team up the same people behind September and the result was the stunning Ilusion L.P from which Ven Por Mi is from. In fact, DSTP had long planned to do something on Edurne but perhaps something deep inside me told me to hold off and wait for the second album before featuring her. Gone are the days when the Operacion Triunfo star hooked up with the very cool La Oreja de Van Gogh and in is the stomping pop songs like Los ángeles también pecan, Ven Por Mi, Hoy voy a estallar and Si me dejas en paz. When I say catchy pop songs of Spain I mean it. Illusion is one of the best pop albums of the year. It was very difficult to actually pick one song....but one must and I went for the electropop ditty Ven Por Mi although I actually started writing this article in mind to use the brilliant album track Algo Cambio instead.

This sounds like Sarah Whatmore and Lucky Twice hooked up with the German/Dutch singer Amber and her hit Sexual (di la di). I love the guitar break in the middle 8. Its so eighties it hurts. I highly recommend all of Edurne's material but check out the second album if your in Spain or shopping on places like ElCorteIngles. You can forget those summer compilation albums for your Summer anthems-her Ilusion l.p has it all. Again, Edurne proves that dance can be amazing. If you really want a comparison imagine Margaret Berger, Robyn and Kylie all rolled into one: you'll get Edurne! In the video for this very song Edurne's car breaks down, she gets bored, meets weird people and turns into a queen in white. She then dances off and steals some jewelry after doing a dance-off that Dannii Minogue would be proud of!

Highly recommended!
(Where you can hear clips from the album)


Poster Girl said...

I think this is a cover of Dutch singer Sita's "Come With Me" (wait for the bridge and chorus)! It's all electro-fied, though. does have me intrigued to hear what the rest of the album sounds like! I'll have to go look up some preview clips.

Robpop said...

Yes! Your right! I couldnt place Edurns version. I knew I'd heard of it before...But to be honest, Edurne's version totally "owns" Sita's rather bland original. Poster Girl you might like the second album. Its very Margaret Berger with some Kylie/Robyn thrown in good for measure. There are even some storming guitar based dance tracks. its quite a strong album really.

Robpop said...

Oh her official site has some clips from the album...


JoseViruete said...

Hey guys check this (skip the introducing)...

mordi said...

thanks for this song- I LOVE IT!

SergiO said...

Hi! I'm a Spanish fan of Edurne (so sorry about my bad English).
I would like to share with you this clips and performances that can be found in Youtube:

- Here is the clip of the most popular Edurne's song in Spain, Amores dormidos (Numb loves):

-Here is the first single of the first album, Despierta (Wake up). I love it! haha

- Here is 'Te falta veneno', third single of her fisrt album:

-This is an excellent song of her second album:

-Here is 'Sin control', my favourite one:

-And now let's watch 'Fue para los dos':

If you wanna watch concerts, just type 'Edurne concierto' in youtube's main page.

And here is her official website:
and her official online forum:


Anonymous said...

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