In a very strange somewhat telepathic coincidence, todays selection was also recommended by one our fab readers! I'd originally planned to feature the fierce "girlgroup" Lokita as the initial act in "Catchy-Week" but they got bumped down the list after acts like Edurne upstaged them. Thursday was their day to appear on DontStopthePop and oddly Jose Viruete (one of this site's readers) recommended the band at three pm today! Talk about reading minds! Check out this amazing performance of their song on Youtube. How cute is the bewildering alliance of J-Pop and Spanish pop music!!!! Unique indeed!

Lokita are symbolic of how great, colourful and variable the pop scene of Spain is at the moment. They consist of two girls and a boy who looks amazing in his stilettos and beautiful eye-liner. You just wouldnt see a band of the likes of Lokita on British TV. Mika or Jake Shears is as "eclectic/transgressive" as pop gets in the UK. In Spain, its not the case. Putting aside the brilliant Jonny and his corset the group recall the poptastic days of Dana International, Bananarama and Me&My. In other words-I love LOKITA! They are wonderfully gay, pop and know the power that is often lost in the genre of bubblegum pop.

Lokita DontStopthepop looks forward to your album and is a firm fan of everything you will ever produce! You embody everything that I adore about Spain! Gracias!

*Next up something either Swedish or a pop princess from the Spanish province of Malaga!*


Mike said...

This is amazing. Thanks for this. I am lovin' catchy week!

JoseViruete said...

Hey, I'm on the cover, gracias!!
Lokita is a proof of how all things japanese are growing in Spain, they got a bit of a Gothic Lolita image and they sing in spanish - english - japanese. I heard about "spanglish", but how can we call this new hybrid??
You got Naruchan, too!

Anonymous said...

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