Staying in India now we dust down this beautiful slice of pop serenity. The introduction alone recalls Anastacias Left Outside Alone however this track interupts the 'aria' with a bunch of fabulous male backing vocalists with the timeless lyrics "do do do do do" and for this alone Alisha Chinoy deserves some recognition!

Indian pop music, dubbed by some as Hindipop, has always been a source of excellent and creative artistry probably because of the wild selection of instruments present on each single. Moreover the female voice is always put first rather than lost in amongst the studio special effects that often seem to destroy the spirit of a pop song.

Alisha Chinoy is known as the Queen of "Indo-Pop" and we can see why by the fact that shes released over 9 albums! Respect!

But we love her even more because shes known as a total bitch! And why does she have this bad reputation??? Gak fiend? Gun trader? Lets off smelly farts? No! Of course not! Shes known as the "scandal child". Whatever that means, we love her even more

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