First of all...any song called Boogie Woogie has already achieved a higher status of pop supremacy before its even been recorded. ..

While we wait for the new Dannii single, I thought it might be nice to dust down this long forgotten Dannii gem long. This really isnt a Dannii song per se but rather Eurogroove. A band who were responsible for some of the most Europop(and thus should be read as best) hits in the 1990s.

I love Boogie Woogie because it sounds like Whigfields Saturday Night and I don't think there are enough of songs that sound like Saturday Night. Which I find totally odd as it was no.1 for years! Go figure...

Now what could this song be about? I personally think Dannii is getting rather clucky on the track and the lyrics suggest shes singing about the trials of motherhood. An ode to an unrully toddler perhaps? I mean how else could any read "you got just what i need, BABY give it to me!, you know you made a difference in my life...i got a funny feeling deep inside..sometimes its hard to get to sleep at night..your the one and now i CANT LET GO". Well if Kirsty Alley is anything to go by in Look Whose Talking! then I can perfectly understand these specific lyrics. Dannii can't go to sleep cus the baby wont sleep at night-its probably teething-and she cant let go because she'd end up like Louise Woodward(the nanny who dropped a baby). Can't see Dannii in prison although I know she'd be top dog.

Most probably.

Don't take my word for it though. I was never good at GSCE English Literature at school. I remember my Ibsen essay compared his early works to a Betty Boo b-side. Alas, a career in literature criticism never materialised.

You can find out more on Dannii at either one of her TWO official websites. Dannii is special you see. She has TWO! Not one like Madonna or Will Young. But two!! Check them out at and Neither of the two recall Boogie Woogie in their discography sections. Dannii never included Boogie Woogie on her albums. Could Dannii be ashamed at this very rare gem!? Well DONTSTOPTHEPOP loves it!

You can also get more recent Dannii rare gems over at that amazing Itunes music store including the rather brilliant Trip and Take Me Inside.

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