Flying back to Sweden we remember this rather stunning Swedish rare delicacy.

Lets go back to Victoria. Shes like a spring or rather a fountain of pop brilliance! Rock Steady Love is the song of the year. Whenever it was released. The chorus is perfect magic as it makes you feel funny inside.

Even the rent a rapper doesnt destroy the Swedishness of the song. Its like the rap in Kylies shocked! It makes the song! I mean I doubt he'd be selling a dildo of his willy if 50 Cent said the line "Life is a cockpit...Remember I will never make you cry, ALL LOVE FOR YOUR BODY AND YOUR MENTAL!" [i think he means he loves her not just for her body but for her brains..see isnt he lovely!]...50 Cent watch, listen and learn!

The severe yet beautiful way she stipulates "I dont care what they say" kinda reminds us when Madonna told her father not to preach.

For this, we love Rock Steady Love and we too want some of that rock. Its the Swedish take on I Got You Babe.

I think.


Alexander said...

Are you aware of the non-rap version of 'Rocksteady Love'?

billyknowspop said...

My fave Victoria song next to "Girl On The Run!" Nice choice!!!