BEA BRONCHAL Que Te Den Candela

Turning to Spain this brilliant song comes from a pretty much internationally unknown flamenco/latino artist Bea Brochal. Its as if Max Martin remixed Britneys Toxic and hyped up the sitar strings. The moment you hear this you will feel your butt wanted to move.

This songs comes from the album of the same name which I have to say is rather brilliant. Released on the amazing record company Vale Music Bea Bronchal is already on her second album with them 'Ole' which is still doing well in the charts in Spain. Could Bea be the next Monica Naranjo? So far shes already beginning to eclipse a DontStopThePop favourite Malu! Ole is even better than this track however seeing as its a chart single it wouldn't be right. Please please please check out Bea!

To get both albums from Bea-and other great Spanish music-go to El Corte Ingles

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