PAY TV Refrain Refrain

This is not a proper pop song. This blasts the idea of what a pop song should be and yet forms it at the same time. Simply sublime. If theres one song you download from this page let it be this one. Music: (pop/electropop/electroclash).

Where does one start with PAY TV. This is deconstructive pop music at its finest. Actually this could be the only example of deconstructive pop that exists at the moment. Once it covers that, it then explores the notion of celebrity...which are quite seperate discourses and yet they do it all in 2 minutes and 56 seconds. In years to come this song will be used as a research methology for understanding ABBA, S Club 7 and Motown. Its no surprise then that PAY TV are from Sweden.

Our favourite lyrics are..."success...won’t come get undressed...Have public sex and then tell the press"

The album is due out later in the year which is great as every song we've heard from their little promos they've given out at Gay Pride/P.A's doesnt contain ONE bad. Our favourite isnt even Refrain Refrain but Sexy Robot suggesting Swedish female artists have a thing about machines after Robyns ode to her Robot Boy on her last LP. We know that the PAY TV album will be one of the best of 2006 once released.

They have their own blogspot page at For remixes, videos and more head over to their website at Check out more of their material at Catchy Tunes of Sweden and Spark*Pop.

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