CHRISTINE MILTON So Addictive-Spanish Fly Radio Edit

Two tracks for manic Monday. This time we head over to Denmark. Both of these tracks are quite different from the original radio edits but we love them so we've decided to go with these ones. One song in particular you should recognise as Superstar as Christine Milton was the original singer of the ditty which eventually became an international hit single for Jamelia. Check out the original lyrics in the bridge.

Her website hasnt been updated since 2004 which could suggest that Jamelia's Superstar might have diminished Christines' chances of continued international success. This is a real shame because her album contained some real strong songs all like, if not better than, Superstar.

Bonus Now Fixed: Superstar-Messtar Radio Edit



billyknowspop said...

Thanks for keeping Christine Milton alive. However, in my opinion the album version of "So Addictive" is the only one worth listening to. I'm not fond of any of the mixes. The "Superstar" mix is great though! Keep up the good work. Ur blog is like my ipod tracklists.

Robpop said...

Hi Billy! Love Christine! I love the original version but I want people to buy that! I think this mix is just as good as that.

I just uploaded the original version of Sun Down. Hopefully you'll like it too!

Anonymous said...

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