So this is the German Girls Aloud as The Preluders were a product of the show Popstars - The Duel. Throughout their career they released some of the best pop songs in a very short space of time. With No Angels out of the way, The Preluders thought they had it in the can once the debut single Everyday Girl stormed the charts in most central European countries.

However despite the brilliance of their follow up singles, especially the Army Of Lovers-esq Bal Privé, the charts failed to recognise the progression of their pop sound when the second album came out.

Then disaster struck on Glora Estefan proportions when Tertia Botha-who could be related to the British Royal family with a surname like that-was a in pretty serious car crash. In a bid to prove her loyality Rebecca Miro, one of the key singers in the band, took the opportunity to leave the band a few weeks later.

However the girls are carrying on Clea-style as probably believe in pop. And so do we. They are releasing Never Before which sounds like a cross between Robyn's Keep This Fire Burning and Deep Purple. It has some wonderful distinct chants and melodies that many would label as "ethnic". Even so, the song is very diferent from any of their previous work.

This electropulse track is of course will be known as a S Club hit single but it was recorded first by The Preluders.


billyknowspop said...

Yay Preluders!!!! Another nice posting. I'm in the process of putting together my own popblog, I would've posted "Hotter Than You Know!" My fave Preluder track. Keep up the good work!

Robpop said...

I know. I put this one because it was a covered by S Club and thus far more interesting from a perspective regarding the geneology of pop.

My favourite Preluder tracks are...EveryDay Girl, Walking On Sunshine, Losing My Religion, Call Me Beep Me, Bal Prive, Girls In The House and of course Hotter Than You Know. They have some great

Great to hear about yourblog spot! tell me the link and I'll link you up!

billyknowspop said...

Have you heard the American Juniors version of "Sundown?" Again not as good as S Club8's.

Robpop said...

ITS AWFUL! They shout on it! I think the best version is the original but two(S Club/Preluders) are pretty similar.

Chris said...

Actually a slightly different version of 'Sundown' was recorded and released by one of the members of Bardot, the first Popstars-group. It isn't called 'Sundown' though.

And I'm certain that S Club 8 released their version of
'Sundown' before Preluders.

Robpop said...

Oh really! I'd love to hear it! The Preluders recorded it first but S Club 8 released it first. A bit like Anna Vissi and Pandora with On A Night Like This which is now known as a Kylie song.

billyknowspop said...

kylies version is still the best tho!