SWEETBOX Cinderella

This song is ridiculous and so OTT its sublime. If all music was like this they'd be no need for drugs, wars and therapists. Suspend your reservations and simply embrace the wonder of it all. Only the Army Of Lovers have tapped into a similar nectar as this semi-aria.

This is of course by the same group who gave us Everythings Gonna be Alright which sampled Bach's Air (on a G String) from Suite No. 3 which charted all over the world.

Sweetbox then evolved into a 1 woman show when the previous singers left after the success of Everythings Gonna Be Arlight. This new singer came in the form of the delightful Jade who spreads her fairylike vocals on Cinderella and the majority of the Sweetbox discography.

This band, while coming from Germany, is literally massive in Japan. They have released 10 albums in Japan with only Tina Harris fronting one album and Jade taking centre stage on the following 9. They have toured in Japan and South Korea to sell out stadiums and plan to release a brand new LP provisionally titled Bold and Delicious this March.

FYI: Fans of the Japanese "megadiva", Ayumi Hamasaki, might be interested to know that Sweetbox wrote six tracks on her Miss(Understood) album.


billyknowspop said...

Interesting choice. My fave Sweetbox cut is "Boyfriend." What do u think of that one?

Robpop said...

I don't have that 1 my ipod!!

billyknowspop said...
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Goggle said...

Interesting. I didn't know exactly how massive Sweetbox was.
I also have some songs written by them for the Chinese girl group S.H.E that I like too.

Anonymous said...

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