So to our first American contribution to the world of pop. The Gonnabees are like those particular friends who are banned from particular bars for doing that trick with their legs. Everyone has them and for the first time they've put their talent to song. The group never became what they wanted to 'be' thus remaining in the lucid world of perpetual world of ascent. As the saying goes, its always better to go up than to come down and these girls prove that point.

As for the song we'll let the lyrics speak for themselves. P!NK's Stupid Girls is a sweeter version of Queen of Pop and about 2 years too late.

Imagine a pop song combining the talents of Fisherspooner, Sugababes and Joan Rivers and you'd have Queen of Pop. The song got banned by most radio and the girls have vanished. This version is quite rude so do not be offended when the girls plunder through the dictionary and pick a particular word beginning with F and ending with K.

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