LENE Queen For A Day Virgin Superstar

Lene Nystrøm Rasted was born Lene Grawford Nystrøm on 2 October 1973 in Tønsberg, Norway. She is most for being the Barbie Girl in the 90's superband Aqua. While her solo album completely bombed she, like most female popstars, was more successful in the singles charts with the tracks Its Your Duty and Pretty Young Thing.

Lene is also responsible for the co-writing the Girls Aloud classic No Good Advice. However me thinks that the credit might be a bit fake as Lene was also given a similar writing credit on the song Here We Go on Play With Me(Lene's solo LP) yet her name was missing when Girls Aloud released it on their second album What Will The Neighbours Say. Moreover, the song was actually originally released years ago by Moonbaby and the writing credits show no Lene however when it was re-recorded by Lene, it was credited to Mirander Cooper (aka. Moonbaby), Brian Higgins, Matt Gray and Lene -despite the fact that no alterations appear to have been made to the song's lyrics or music. It would appear that Lene's credit on her release of the track was a vanity credit, and that she made no contribution to the song's writing. Could the No Good Advice credit be something similar?

Even so, these two tracks stood out on my "Lene" playlist on my long suffering Ipod. Virgin Superstar should have been the first single and theres still life left in the song yet. The second, Queen For A Day, became a b-side to Its Your Duty and yet its probably the best thing shes ever done. I love the boy who says "just for one day i'll like to be queen" but you know in his tone that hes already recieved that certain wish.

U think I like Scandipop? "Well is the Pope Catholic? Wouldnt anyone?"

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