MILLA Gentleman Who Fell

Milla was born Milica Jovović in Kiev, Ukraine and her great-grandfather Bogić Camić Jovović was flag-bearer of the Vasojevići tribe, and officer of the guard of the King Nicholas I of Montenegro.

Most famous for working in the fashion industry when she begun extensive modeling since she was eleven years old but started acting after being in the sequel Return to the Blue Lagoon. Her acting career has taken a center seat nowadays being in blockbusters The 5th Element and the Resident Evil collection of movies. When not saving humanity, falling in love with Bruce Willis and selling hair dye she can be most proud of her short discography which consists of only one album: the epic The Divine Comedy.

Her musical pathway has delivered some of the most beautiful recordings from a "actress-singer" bandwagon let alone the "model-singer" route. Her music is part Enya, a bit of Kate Bush and a lot of Milla which is pretty unusual in this day! While the album was not a commercial success, it was highly praised and well-received by critics.

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