MADE IN LONDON Pull Up To The Bumper

Made in London are one of the mysteries of the British music industry. Or rather their failure has set a rather worrying trend of brilliant material+British female singers=absolute chart failure. We see this Benefit, Alexis Strum, Shaznay, Kick Angel, Clea, Madasun and Cookie. Girls Aloud are quite clearly abnormal.

Staying upbeat however Made in London are DontStopThePops all time favourites. Their withdrawn album is one of the best releases that never was of this millenium. The debut single Dirty Water uses special sound effects along with one of the best operatic sequences in modern pop music. That song was so good it ended up being covered by Bardot.

But this isnt about that song but rather its flipside, a rather sublime cover the Grace Jones classic. Other than this cover, the girls, Marianne, Sherene and Kelly wrote all of their material along with Will Malone aka the guy who made Kylie sound like Enya on Bittersweet Goodbye and has previously worked with the Verve, Massive Attack and UNKLE.

Made in London were simply pop music at its best. One more single would follow, and then the troubled started. The album(which has two titles funnily enough) was due to come out in 2000 but pulled at the last second. A real crying shame

FYI: The people over at BMG mispelt the title of this particular track on my promo-and I also believe the maxi single- to read "Pull Up to The Bummer".

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