MARTAY Get Off My Back!

Okay this is really dusting it down. Martay never made it but we still love her. The Cd I have says she was on the verge about to release an album but I don't think she got beyond two singles and an album promo. Her debut single was a rip roaring pop classic that featured ZZ Top! Yes ZZ Top! Gimmie All Your Loving was like Betty Boo all over again. However it bombed.

Martay will never be remembered for her solo efforts but rather her work with Urban Cookie Collective which delievered The Key The Secret. A particular song DontStopThePop isnt too fond of.

However one day, possibly today, my Ipod stalled on Thinking Of You, a Martay track also included on the album promo and it got me thinking of this rather excellent portion of bitchipop! On this track alone her stuff with Urban Cookie Collective is forgiven!

Martay, like Made in London, should have been big. Her mixes rocked. Not only did the magical Jewels and Stone twiddle at her knobs but so did Thunderpuss which is pretty impressive seeing as she was signed to a tiny label.

While this track is particularly rare you can buy Martays first single Gimmie All Your Loving 2000 at the wonderful Perfect Beat which sells all those delirious remixes previously mentioned.

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lee anderson said...

Martay - is my (without sounding childish) my extreme best friend. We talk everyday as she is currently on tour in Scandanavia after just getting back from Asia and Australia. This 4 track album sampler is awesome - she is truly amazing and her talent goes completely unrecognised. Every track written by her as well. I have way over 50 tracks by this girl and I am loving her new direction. She will never give up -she is very well respected in the music industry but Riverhorse completely screwed it up for her which is the owners fault and his greed with money. She was even too good for X-Factor - she got to the last 20 in Simon's group (season 1) and was told they didn't know what to do with her because she was already packaged and they couldn't 'create' her. Wasn't this supposed to be X-Factor not Create a Puppet !!! Anyway, you'll hopefully hear her again soon. especially on a Hed Kandi compilation, fingers crossed.